Well let’s just jump into this one head first. Fasting aka your starving yourself! I have heard that so many times since I actually started fasting. First and foremost as I have said in previous posts, I am in no way a healthcare professional and you should consult one before trying any new health choice. My general doctor was the first person to actually point me toward fasting because my weight was stalling out, and everything we were trying wasn’t working for me. So I left her office a little discouraged and scared because I’m pretty sure I thought fasting meant starving too! Boy was I wrong!

I went home and immediately started looking for books I could read on the subject I wanted to understand better what I was getting myself into and make sure it was something I could commit to. After hours of searching and reading review I discovered “The Complete Guide to Fasting” by Jason Fung, MD with Jimmy Moore, and from page one of that book my life was forever changed. Dr. Fung opened up a whole new world to me, not only did he open my eyes to the many types and styles of fasting but he opened my eyes to Keto. His word inspired me like no other and I embarked on a journey of trying to get as much information as I could on fasting and keto and how they worked hand in hand.

The majority of the time I participate in something called intermittent fasting which is something we all actually do every night we sleep. IF is any period you go without consuming calories, so most people on average get 7-8 hours fasting between their last meal of the day and their first of the following day. So that is where I started, and then every day I would wait a little longer before I would eat. Then after a couple weeks my first meal became lunch. I’ve stuck with that for the most so on an average day I go 16-18 hours without consuming food. It has gave me more energy and I feel like I am not being controlled by an eating schedule. I simply eat when I get hungry, I have learned to know when my body is hungry and not just bored.

February is right around the corner and it has been deemed intermittent fasting February #FastFeb #IFebruary. This is a great opportunity to learn about fasting and possibly even give it a go. I would highly recommend you get Dr.Fung’s book to say the least. And for those who are participating happy fasting my friends!