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This next part is something that I have grown to appreciate more and more the older I get. To me it is such an important part of relationships, and it is all too often overlooked. Laughter! Laughter is something that warms the heart and soul and can make a relationship enjoyable beyond years.

My husband and I both have this ability to make each other laugh and be able to joke with each other. I feel it makes our relationship better and that we have less arguments because of it. When we laugh together I feel like we become closer. Laughter while fun and enjoyable shows that you are letting your vulnerability through and are enjoying yourself. Have you ever sat and laughed about something until you actually had tears? That is an amazing experience and doing that with someone you love and care about makes it even more of an amazing experience.

I love being able to share funny images or jokes with my partner and I also love being able to joke around with him and pick on him. Somedays it can make a bad day completely turn around when I see him laugh at something I’m sharing with him. His laughter is contagious so many times his laughter will lift me up and better my mood. We have our serious moments when necessary but I can honestly say there is some form of humor or laughter in our lives every single day, and it makes us better people and even more so better partners.