So my husband and I took a little road trip yesterday from Chattanooga to the town of Murfreesboro, TN to attend our first , and hopefully not last, Adapt TN Low Carb Keto Living in The 21st Century Event. Let me tell you I was beyond excited to meet some people that I have followed on my journey and at the same time use what I would learn at the event to share with the world. All in all it was a great event with great people and super informative. So I hope to be able to go to more events like this in the future and if I ever found enough local interest here in Chattanooga I would love to do something like this in my town.

First and foremost there was such a mixture of ages and people there, many of us have already began or where on our Keto journey, but not everyone. There were many there wanting to learn and be informed on this lifestyle. Yes I said lifestyle, many people say the Keto diet, and when I started my journey in May 2018 that is what I would have said too, well I was wrong it is so much more than a diet and for me it has became the way I choose to eat every day. It is my lifestyle and way of eating now, and I have no plans of ever changing that. I choose now instead to have the opportunity to educate and learn even more. Even if one person can find what my journey has been like useful then I feel like I have made a difference.

The event was composed of three main speakers, all of which I have followed and read books and research from for the past 8 months. First was the co-founder of the company Adapt Your Life Dr. Eric Westman, second was Dr. Ken Berry, and third was Neisha Salas-Berry, R,N. Let me tell you these three people while each different in there own way make Keto easy to understand. They are some of the most down to earth people I have ever met, and when you hear them speak you can hear the passion in there voices and how much they believe in the benefits of a Ketogenic lifestyle. I highly recommend you follow all three of them on social media, and also check into Dr.Westman’s books; one of my favorites being one he co-authored with Jimmy Moore called Keto Clarity. Anyone even interested in Keto should check out that book, so much useful beginner information and Dr.Westman provides the science to back up the logic!

In addition to these great speakers they also had individuals who shared their success stories with their Keto journeys so far. One of my favorite success stories was that of a women named Robyn Davis. She has her own facebook group Keto For Life with Robyn Davis. This young women only spoke for a few moments and gave an very powerful and impactful summary of he struggles before Keto and how Keto changed her life. She has been Keto for 4 years now and you can just see how well it fits her. I wanted to cheer for her through her whole story it moved me in ways my words will never be able to explain here.

They also had a few Keto cookbook authors there for your o purchase their books, meet them and ask them questions as well. I think these ladies: Caitlin Weeks “Mediterranean Paleo”, Jessica Dukes ” The Dairy Free Keto Diet Cookbook”, and Natasha Newton “Southern Keto”, make a huge impact in the Keto community. So many people see Keto as a restriction diet. Their cookbooks give individuals a chance to see that you can still have foods you love just tweaked a little to make them better.

So all this greatness rolled into one package with around 300 participants all interstellar in something you love made for an amazing day. So now I want to take a minute to two and talk about the most important things I walked away from the event with because in my opinion these things can make the biggest difference in rather or not someone decides to take a step toward Keto.

The #1 thing that was brought up yesterday that I preach to anyone I talk to already, and was re-confirmed by Neisha Salas-Berry R.N., was Keto is NOT one size fits all. Keto will work for almost everyone, but not everyone will be successful the same way! There are drastic differences between my husband and I. I do not eat nearly as much as he does and he does better with a more balanced ration of eating. I on the other hand fair better with a little more fat and less protein. It took us months to figure out what foods worked for us and in what proportions. It doesn’t matter what type of Keto works for you, what matters is that you give it 100% and are willing to tweak and change if necessary. Just because your friend can eat all the cheese they want doesn’t mean you can. All of our bodies are different; therefor, Keto does NOT have a one size fits all option.

Number 2 came from Dr.Ken Berry. You need to make sure you have a healthcare professional in your life that is open minded to Keto and wants to focus on healing you and not just throwing a pill at everything. While Keto is starting to trend and more and more doctors are opening their minds to it there are and probably always doctors out there that will disagree. So he put it in the perspective of it’s your health and your body. Talk to you doctor and if they won’t listen or budge on their ways then find a new one. Yes, you may have to drive a distance but it’s your health and you life so you may have to do what is necessary. I am very fortunate to have a doctor that supports me, but if I didn’t I would change in a heart beat and it wouldn’t be the first time I would drive more than an hour for good health care.

Dr. Eric Westman talked a lot about something that I also think is super important. How do you know when you need a doctor’s help? Anyone can ask for a doctors help, but there are certain people that will need medically guided supervision to take on a Ketogenic lifestyle. Individuals with type 1 diabetes, people with BMI’s over 50, individuals with metabolic disorders, etc. These individuals will need a doctors guidance and support to be successful. Not just for reasons of knowing what to eat and not to eat, but also so they have support in someone that has their best interest at heart. Dr. Westman is also actively growing clinics and care that align with a Ketogenic lifestyle which is so important to so many. No one should have to struggle to get the care they need and he is trying to minimize this problem.

All three have the ultimate take away though and all three spoke of this. KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! Steak, eggs, bacon, and green veggies. Don’t over complicate things when your just starting. You don’t need almond flour, coconut flour, and ten things you can’t even pronounce. You need protein, some good butter, and some simple veg. Don’t complicate it in the beginning. If you want to branch out and try other Keto things later then do it, but start simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!!! Just whole good foods in and I promise in a few weeks you will start to see how your body starts to heal and how amazing you feel. You tell me how a 61 year old women who was on 14 prescription medications, two different inhalers, and 80 units of insulin, starts eating Keto and 8 months later doesn’t need any of that anymore. Well she exists she spoke about it yesterday and I’ll tell you what if that isn’t proof and motivation that this works then I don’t know what is!

One last thing a special thank you to Liza Becker @adapt.liza for her gracious heart and support in ensuring my husband and I made it to this event!

Until my next event….keep on Ketoing on!