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All too often we start something and then we let “life” derail us. I know I’m guilty of this on several things. I’ve lost count of how many blankets I started to crochet but have now been tossed to the back of my closet. More so than that the numerous diets and weight loss trends I tried before Keto came into my life. I always found an excuse to stop or convinced myself the struggle wasn’t worth the reward, but for some reason it was not like that with Keto, at least not entirely.

I would be giving you very false information if I said I jumped on the Keto wagon and ta da it was magic and smooth sailing. If it were not for my husband supporting me from day one I would have caved the very first week and dove head first into a carton of ice cream. Even once I got past the awful first week of sugar withdrawals, my journey was far from flawless. Between daily stresses, having kids, social outings, and somedays just being down and depressed “dirty” keto became my friend at times. I would allow myself to drift into items I knew were not good for me based on their ingredients, but they fit my way of counting “net” carbs so it was all good. It was good for the first few months until I found a good support system and individuals with information that made more sense.

After four months of “dirty” keto I started to realize while I was dropping weight I was also not feeling as others doing keto. So I chose to not give up but dig in deeper and what I learned was that all those things I was making fit into my macros were actually defeating the purpose of what I was aiming for. Not only did I want to lose weight I wanted to be healthier and happier, I wanted to enjoy my life and not spend it in my bedroom staring at a wall all the time. I wanted to be able to go out and not get depressed because I thought another women looked better than me. I wanted to really re-discover who I was and quit hiding behind the excuse of I don’t feel well.

So here I was four months in and re-addressing everything and tweaking what I was doing and researching more. I could have easily thrown in the towel at that point and picked up a donut and been happy, because the cravings to me at that point were still very much real. I didn’t though something told me don’t give up just do better. So I went on and guess what after another couple months things were a little better, but I still had a ways to go. So I kept researching and growing my support circle and started asking more and more questions. I would have never asked questions before but I still ask so many questions! I want to know answers and opinions and what worked for others, because I want to find what combination of all of that works the best for me!

Almost 9 months into this journey with 65 pounds lost and 98 3/4″ lost off of my body I still have days I have to dig deep to keep myself going. I’m seeing amazing results and I still struggle!! Yes, my cravings have stopped and I have no desire for sugary things anymore, but I still have body complex issues and miles to go to get to where I want to be. The difference is I have this energy and amazing group of people that push me, and now I am making a difference in others lives and pushing them. It doesn’t matter what way of eating you prefer or what health things you believe in. What matters is that you believe in the whole heartedly and you push yourself to be different and not give up. You may have a bad day but don’t throw in he towel just get back at it tomorrow! We are human and we will make errors, don’t be so critical of those errors! You got this, you can do, find your inner strength and Keep On Keeping On!