Okay, so today is a little bit of a rant! I fully believe that Keto is a way of eating that can be tweaked to fit everyone’s needs. With that being said you really need to know what you need for it to be beneficial. I don’t care what your goals are with Keto and what you think you need it to do for you, I do care that your wasting your money on products and items that you don’t need that may be hurting you more than helping you!

I am guilty of buying several keto “friendly” products. Most of these were purchased when I first started the WOE (way of eating) and I didn’t have the education I needed. Don’t get wrong there are some of them that taste amazing, but the ingredients are total crap! Now on that note there are keto “friendly” products out there that are useful but you need to do your homework and research the ingredients. Look for companies that have individuals behind them that partake in Keto as a WOE and are not behind a large corporation. A great company with good products is Keto Chow. If you think you have found a good product but are not sure, email the company!!!!! Believe me they will respond.

No matter if the product is keto friendly or not, you have to realize there is no magical product that is going to give you results overnight. You are going to have to work at it.  You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to be successful at Keto. Just buy real food! Protein, veggies (leafy green ones…potatoes are not veggies) and some healthy fat is all you need. Those combined with time and determination will get you to the place you need to be.

READ YOUR LABELS!!!!! If it has more ingredients than you want to read through and you can’t even pronounce half of them, put it down! If it has a total carb count that is high, TOTAL NOT NET, put it down!!!! If ingredient number one is a grain…put it down! You don’t need that kind of negativity in your personal journey! Spend the extra money you are going to save by avoiding these products on a nice steak instead!  Most importantly don’t give up and keep Ketoing on!