happy coffee

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Monday….my least favorite day of the week. The day I always seem to have trouble getting myself re-centered and re-focused on the work week ahead. So I thought I would take today and give everyone an update of my crazy last week and weekend. I am fortunate to have today off so I have some time to reflect; however, that means my Tuesday will be more like my typical Monday.

Flu season….or as I like to call it around here….everyone is sick and no one has the same thing! Sickness has been spreading like wild-fire in the schools here in Chattanooga, TN and Friday last week they actually closed the schools down to do a thorough deep cleaning. Luckily for me only one of my children actually got the flu so far this year and she is back on the road to recovery and it was a rather mild bout of this time. She is the one kid in the world that could get a flu shot and still get the flu. My son on the other hand had no flu thank goodness but his allergies flared up. So two sick kids left for a very tired mom, oh who by the way has been to the doctor and is having an allergy flare up herself. Good News….everyone is on the mend… Bad News… the tress are budding and blooming now which means pollen hell for the next few weeks for me!

Even with all my allergy woes I feel that my diet has made it much more bearable than it usually is. I still have great amounts of energy and have been sleeping well also. Keto has changed my life so much, and now I am trying to adjust and see what works better for me. So for the last 18 days I have been experimenting with the Carnivore diet. Which in my opinion as well as others is just a subset of Keto. So how has it been so far..great. I don’t really miss my veggies much, and I have started to notice significant changes in my digestion for the better. I also am starting to notice I am not as hungry as I was when I first started the experiment. My blood sugar levels have increased some and my ketone levels have decreased some, but I am still in Ketosis and everything remains within the normal range. My blood sugar also has no spikes it has pretty much been the same fasting and post-fasting consistently.

One thing I am working on getting in check from last week is my stress. Stress is a huge impact on your body and health. Let’s just say with sickness and three teenagers and a little drama thrown in there., my stress was higher this past week than it has been in a very long time, and I can tell. So this week I will probably throw in some focused meditations in order to try to bring my cortisol levels back down. I plan on also starting to focus in on whether I am eating lunch everyday because I am hungry or because it is a habit hard-wired into my brain. There are some days I know without a doubt I am hungry, but others I think I eat out of habit and not hunger.

This weekend I made my first batch of bone broth, and I think it turned out pretty good. I am looking forward to trying it this week. Lessons learned: I need a better method of straining, possibly a funnel, and I may add some more seasoning for a better developed flavor next time. On a side note my two fur babies Sampson and Delilah enjoyed licking up the spilled broth before I mopped!

Keep an eye out for new blogs this week with some new topics, and until then Keep Ketoing On!