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I have seen a lot of posts lately on social media asking the question: How do I convince someone to start doing Keto? Well it’s very simple actually, the answer is you CANNOT!

We all grow up in different setting and in different cultural situations, so to expect someone to just change their habits because you think they will be better for it doesn’t work. Just like many of us the day you decided to try Keto you decided it for yourself not for someone else. Some people succeed when they try, but many fail. The difference is those of us who want  to change will try and try again until we figure out how it works for us. I love Keto and what it has done for me, but it doesn’t give me some crazy ability to be able to make everyone give it a try. It does give me the ability to share my story and share my benefits. I would never not answer a question or give someone my opinion who is interested, but I also know that just because I share doesn’t mean they will follow my ways.

I grew up with the perception of well rounded meals, that you ate three times a day with snack between, and if you wanted to lose weight don’t eat the sweets. I had tried numerous methods to lose before Keto and until I really did a deep dive into Keto I was still following all the wrong things. I would listen to friends and listen to doctors and the same thing would happen, I would lose twenty and then gain it back. So why should I try something like Keto? For the simple facts that I researched for months and was seeing people with realistic results, and to be honest I felt like I could make the sacrifices that it required.

In the beginning it was just another diet to try and I didn’t even understand all the benefits that I would get from it, and I also didn’t quite understand exactly everything I would be giving up. The first month I saw amazing results and I figured I would give it at least one more before I made my mind up. The second month went as well as the first, and by the time I made it through my third month I woke up and realized it wasn’t a diet anymore but a way of eating and a new lifestyle for me.

So my advice to anyone trying to convince a friends or family member to follow in the Keto way of eating is EDUCATE! Give them as much information as they will allow, answer their curious questions, and let them see the results you are having. You could even try making them a couple yummy keto friendly dishes and see how they like them. If the disagree then that is their choice and you have to accept that and move on. It’s like the old phrase, you can lead a horse to water but not make it drink. Do your best to lead them, but accept that they may not want what you lead them too.

Until next time Keep Ketoing On!