Social influence is everywhere in our lives. Now days not only is social media a huge presence in most peoples live, social pressures from work, family and other things are also very present. So when it comes to our diets and health their are tons of positive and equally tons of negatives. So how do you deal with them? We all know stress raises are cortisol and increased cortisol effects many things like sleep and weight loss. So keeping stress reduced is key, but never easy, because face it life is stressful!

Step one for reducing your social pressures in your life. If you partake on social media, the majority of platforms have a delete and or block button. Get to know them very well! If someone is constantly being negative toward you and your choices you need to remove the negativity! Negative thoughts will seep in to your mind and then you start to doubt things. We all know what happens when the seed of doubt is sowed we start to second guess and we start to fail. Just stop it, if that person had respect for you they would support you even if they didn’t agree with your choices. Not all my friends are Keto and guess what I still love them all and support them in what they believe in.

Second step start following groups that have people that are similar to you and your beliefs. Find legitimate groups that show support and encouragement. I have joined tons and left tons because once I was in I realized it was not what I was looking for. Make sure your following sources that have good recommendations and reviews. You don’t have to stay as part of a group. If you ever feel uncomfortable just reach out to the group admins or simply leave. Done deal!

Next, very important, while someone may be doing something similar to what you are doing they do not have to do it exactly like you to be successful. My husband and I both do Keto, neither of us do it exactly the same way and we both have had amazing results. Their are dozens of ways to do Keto. Doesn’t mean my way is any better than anyone else’s. All it means is my way works for me! I have spent months fine tuning and listening to others and I am still adjusting daily what I think works best. When I first started I was probably very “dirty” Keto now I am more Whole Foods like I should have been. I know what macros work for me and my body, doesn’t mean they will work for your body. You have to be open and receptive to differences. You can always say what you are doing but never tell someone they are doing it wrong. Point them in the direction of someone that may be able to give them better information and congratulate them on trying and whatever amount of success they have had!

Family….that dreaded word! I hear it all too often I have a family get together, or holidays, or a birthday party and they don’t know how to stay on the path. Why they may not fully understand your choices they need to respect those choices and if they love you they will let you slide when it comes to that birthday cake. Pack a Keto friendly snack bar instead. Something my husband I do for company parties is either plan to eat before or after the event and we use it to socialize rather than eat. May be a little awkward the first couple times but it does get easier. Don’t put your body through extra stress to try and make someone else happy for a couple hours. Trust me you will regret it and feel miserable more than likely for a couple hours!

Eating out is another one that can cause social pressures and stresses. Almost, every restaurant has some sort of option that will fit your needs. I don’t care if your Keto, Carnivore, Vegan, Vegetarian, Low Fat, doesn’t matter most restaurants have an option on their menu for you. You just have to ask questions. I’ve even had a manager summoned to determine if a sauce had sugar in it….why…..because it was important to me. We eat at a local diner almost every Friday for a lunch date. We are talking huge plates of food of which 80% do not meet our diet. We order steak, eggs, and bacon and guess what after the first couple times they even quit asking about the toast or the home fries. They even adjust the price for us since we are not getting a meal per their menu. Many places also offer a la carte items, just ask! They are there to severe the customer and that is you. Don’t let your lifestyle hinder you enjoying a meal out!

Now with all that being said I don’t recommend you start Keto or any diet and then immediately run out to your favorite dining spot. In the beginning your cravings are very real and temptations you need not. It took me a good solid month not to panic when I though about eating out, because all I saw was things that looked amazing that I couldn’t eat anymore. I was fortunate to have my husband supporting me or I would have caved. Until you lose the cravings and understand what is working for you you have to decide what situations are best for you. Some people don’t have cravings, I envy you, but with time it gets better and easier. I don’t even pay attention to most food anymore because I am actually in a state of satiation and it’s not the center of my world anymore.

Don’t let society hold you back, and more importantly don’t hold yourself back. Find that someone or group of someone’s that will encourage and support. Don’t ever give up on what you want and what you need!

Until next time Keep Ketoing On!