Welcome to a new and crazy week! I figured I would just start a thing and do a blog on Monday’s recapping my last week and potentially highlighting upcoming topics. So it’s officially Monday Madness!

Last weeks IF Times

Last week was a pretty good week for me. I had some great accomplishments last week! First I met my intermittent fasting goal of a minimum of 16 hours every single day, and even managed to do one extended fast that was right at 27 hours. I felt amazing and clear headed throughout the whole fast. Broke my fast with some eggs, sausage and bacon at one of my favorite local diners City Café.

I also had a little celebration dinner at Jim-N-Nick’s BBQ. I had a plate full of their fatty brisket and to say it was good was an understatement. It was juicy and tender. Had a solid smoke ring and great smoke flavor. It was quite scrumptious and I will definitely be going back for more. So what was I celebrating? For the first time in over five years I am officially back under 200lbs. I weighed in for my monthly weigh in at 197.4lbs. That brings my total weight loss to 68.6 pounds, and my total inches lost to 96.5″.

Last week I also continued on with my keto carnivore experiment. I am 25 days in today and I have had nothing but animal products, water, salt, pepper, and coffee during the experiment. I have discovered so far that I no longer enjoy chicken, except for chicken wings. We made some bacon wrapped chicken thighs and I found the taste to be bland and very appealing. So this week we will be focusing more on red meats and a little pork. I miss spices but will not be adding any back in until after at least 31 days of the challenge. Other things I have noticed besides feeling more satiated is my increase in smell. I can smell things that I could never smell before and it is both pleasant and horrible at the same time. So many things smell good, but I now also smell just how bad some things can smell. The cafeteria at work is not very pleasant most days, lol. My sleep has also improved. I am consistently getting between 7.5-8 hours a night. For the first time in years my digestion has also became more regular and my trips to the restroom less frequent but more productive. My energy levels are starting to increase as well. The first two weeks they were sluggish, but now they have returned to my keto energy perks.

So this week I will continue on my carnivore journey, and continue to dial into my body and become more aware of cues that I am actually hungry and not eating out of habit. I was hoping to be successful at this last week, but think I took the time to evaluate my feelings and let stress guide me a little more than I should have. As mentioned previously there will be no chicken this week, only red meat, pork and I plan to have some fatty salmon as well. I am also going to start eliminating my afternoon cup of coffee, and only have my one cup a day in the morning. Hopefully there is no major impact to lack of caffeine in my body, but I want to see how much energy is coming from the diet and not an added in source.

I would also really enjoy to have comments from you, my readers, on topics you might like to see me write about. I have a list of plenty I want to hit, but also want you to be seeing things you want to see as well. I also would enjoy sharing some success stories. So if you have a story that you would like to share reach out to me and we will work on getting your story out together. So we will call that a wrap for Monday Madness, I hope everyone has an amazing week and Keep Ketoing On!