We have all seen the movies or tv shows where the girl breaks up with the boyfriend and sits and eats a pint of ice cream. Well believe it or not that actually does happen in real life. Many people, including men, are very emotional eaters. So when something in their life isn’t quite right they will turn to food to be the answer. Why? Well simply put food releases endorphins in our body. So even when the food is not good for us we temporarily feel the good effect of it. Similar to the crash and burn of sugar. You eat a bunch you get a surge of energy and then a couple hours later your more tired than you were and suddenly sleepy. That is your body wanting you to feed it more sugar. Our bodies burn through sugar at a high rate.

Once your body is in a state of Ketosis your body is no longer using that sugar as it’s main fuel source. Instead it switches over to burning all the fat you are consuming for energy instead. The result a steady supply of energy for your body with no crash at the end. Just keep in mind that doesn’t mean you start Keto today and are a ball of energy tomorrow. You have to get all the toxic sugar out of your body and that takes a little time, but the struggle is worth it.

Often when we switch to a new diet or make a lifestyle change around food we find ourselves still clinging to emotional foods. That is because often those foods are linked to memories we have made along the way. For example every time I don’t feel good my brain says I want chicken nuggets and sprite. Why? When I was a little girl that is one of the things my mom gave me to make me feel better so I associate it with comfort. I really don’t want it and I know it would make me feel worse, but emotionally I think I need it. Same way many of us associate cake and ice cream with a birthday. You get the memory of happiness and laughter. You actually are craving the emotion not the cake and ice cream.

I still find myself wanting to eat bad things when I have a bad day, but I know that it will only turn my bad day into a worse day. So how do you move past that emotion and not link it to food. I’m not a psychologist so I have no clue, but I do know what has worked for me. For me it was all about finding foods that satiated me and left me full of energy. The energy allows me to do more things and experience the emotions I really want in my life. I’m learning that both food and negativity no longer control my life, but excitement and positivity do. The other day I even had a conversation with a complete stranger, a year ago I would have pretended not to hear them. I actually enjoy talking to people and doing things once in my life. Do I have things to work on still? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Every time you start to want a food you shouldn’t be eating thing what it is about the food you want. Is it the taste? Or is it the memory associated with the food? If it’s the memory and the emotion it gave you then in that moment think of something else that give you that feeling and focus on it. You have to train your brain and break our habits so it can move on and get over it’s hang up of food. Also, don’t use any kind of food, bad or healthy, as a reward. It leads to false expectations. I started that way and thought okay once I lose 20 pounds I will reward myself with a cheat day. Why would I do that? Why would I sacrifice all my hard work. So instead I decided that for every 10 pounds I lose I would reward myself with $10 to buy or save for something for me! Give yourself a reward that is not food driven! Food should be a source of nutrients and energy to survive, not something for comfort and reward.

So next time you want those chips or that ice cream ask yourself is that really what you want? I bet deep down it’s not. Until next time Keep Ketoing On!