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Hello fellow readers! Today I wanted to talk about something that can effect not only your way of eating, but your life in general. Intimidation….and it is something that is very real for many. Intimidation can stop you cold in your tracks and make you pause and not keep reaching for your goals.

One thing I struggle with that is super intimidating to me is working out. The majority of my exercise right now comes from walking. There is nothing wrong at all with walking, but I want more than that. When it comes to strength training and weights though I freeze up. It intimidates me so much because I have never been taught the right way. Then I get paranoid that I will look stupid so it becomes easier for me to just avoid it. Perfect example… I bought some dumbbells so I could do some home exercise on my arms. They are collecting dust because I don’t know if I am using them correctly. 10 pounds of pink cuteness make me tuck my tail and run.

Starting Keto was just as intimidating for me. I had more questions than answers and information overload. I had to give it 100% and had to put my mind to it constantly. The first three months were exhausting for me because I convinced myself I was going to fail. Well guess what….I didn’t! I learned that I had to choose what info I wanted to absorb and what actually worked for me. Then I had to learn if I made a mistake it wasn’t the end of the world. I could just get back up the next day and learn from my mistake.

So why haven’t I done that with exercise. Simple my head is not in the right space at this time, and until it get’s in that space I won’t conquer that intimidation. So I know I have something to work on and when I’m ready I also know I may need to ask someone for help to achieve that next goal. There is nothing wrong with that. If you need help you should ask for me. Eventually you will find someone that is willing to help and help the way you need it.

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Something else I am personally doing to try and make the intimidation easier is teach myself that my goals are just that…MINE. I can’t care what everyone else thinks or I will never try it or go for it. I am my own person and now I need to learn to own that! I need to not be afraid to be me and follow my goals to get what I need out of everything for my happiness first and my families happiness second. By learning that I hope to be able to share and bring that positivity to others as well. Until next time Keep Ketoing On!