Good Monday Morning Everyone! Welcome to another Monday Madness recap. Just like most people out there I had a super crazy week, but it was very productive. So let’s jump right in and run it all down!

So last week I continued on my carnivore experiment. As of today I am 32 days in and still holding strong. The plan is to go a minimum of 42 days (6 weeks) as I have been told by numerous individuals that weeks 4-8 are when you start to see the real benefits. So far my energy level is actually being maintained and my hunger level is decreasing. My fasts are getting easier and longer, actually was able to get two 24 hour fasts in this past week. My sense and smell and taste are also on fire still it’s amazing to say the least. I also dropped another 1.2 pounds when I did my weekly weigh in Sunday, that brings my total loss to 69.8 pounds since starting Keto in May 2018.

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Other changes I have started to notice, is my body shape is changing and becoming more defined in certain areas. I have not added in anything other than the walking I was doing pre-carnivore. I am starting to research some beginner dumbbell work to try and start toning my arms some. My sleep continues to be pretty much 7-8.5 hours a night. I’ve also started to notice some changes in my hair, it is no where near as dry as it use to be so I’ve had to start to try some different hair care products. I also seem to now not like chicken very much. We had wings Saturday night and they just tasted so bland to me. I missed the taste of beef! I am also finding that fattier cuts of pork are a no for me, they don’t sit well on my stomach. So this week will be very heavy in beef variations.

What else will I be adding or I guess I should say taking away this week? I plan on attempting to fast 24 hours every other day starting today. So today I will eat as planned and then I won’t eat again until Tuesday night. I think I will have great success, but at anytime I start to feel hungry you can bet that I will eat. I really listen to my body so much more now than I use to.

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Last week I tried to give up coffee in the afternoon. So I was successful in giving it up Tuesday – Thursday. What I learned was it is not the caffeine I want. I still had tons of energy without the coffee. What I wanted was the flavor of the coffee. Plain and simple I enjoy coffee, so I may be looking at some decaf options for afternoon cups. I did have a very nice cup Friday after work and I enjoyed every single drop! So I don’t see me giving up coffee anytime in the future just maybe removing the caffeine since I don’t need it.

I made my first attempt at reverse searing some steaks last week and I failed! I learned I need to invest in a meat thermometer. I thought I had the perfect medium rare, and unfortunately ended up with more of a rare. My husband thought it was awesome, me not so much. I am just not ready to take the plunge into the rare meat market yet. It intrigues me but my mind still says don’t do it.

Tried some new fatty brisket last week that had some amazing bark and smoke flavoring. I had it twice to be honest! So as much as I love going out to get some we are now researching smokers, because I want to tackle making some myself. There are a couple more joints in town I want to try and then plan on seeing a comparison review of them in the future. If anyone has a super affordable smoker recommendation send it to me!

There will be some great new content coming up this week and I’m excited to share. I also did my first instagram live. I plan on doing more of those and short videos in the future as well. You can find me on instagram at @utevachesser . Looking forward to the week ahead and until next time Keep Ketoing On!