Happy Friday Everyone! So today I wanted to touch on a few things that most people never want to talk about. I talk a lot about how great I feel on the Keto diet. I have energy for days, I feel better and have less pain, and overall my health continues to improve. So everything may seem perfect, but I promise you it is not. In fact I am human and I still have emotions and the last few days have been super challenging for me for emotionally and mentally.

I have always struggled with my body image. I’ve been up and down with my weight my entire life and I don’t think I was ever happy even when I was at my smallest size because I still saw myself as fat. I would do a diet stick with it for a few months and then get depressed from not seeing results and dive off the deep end. I would gain what I lost plus ten every time. At the darkest point in my life I simply didn’t care anymore. If dinner was a bag of Oreos so be it because I would never be thin and no one would ever love me fat. I now know all of that was just my mind playing games with me, but it doesn’t mean the struggle stays away.

I daily have to remind myself that I am a work in progress and that I am beautiful inside and out. Do I still have weight to lose? Yes I do but I’m not focused on the scale anymore. I am focused on how I feel and where I am headed. If I cannot be positive for myself then how can I be positive for my family, friends, or anyone else that needs a pick me up. So I repeat it over and over in my head every day “I LOVE MYSELF”. I know in time I will improve, but if nothing ever changed I can honestly say right now I love myself and I am happy with where I am at.

The last few days I have struggled missing things that I know are not good for my body. Some of them for stupid reasons others because I see people I follow eating them. I have to remind myself that my body is my body and I can’t always have what everyone else has because I may react badly to it. It also doesn’t help that I am still doing my carnivore experiment right now so I struggle with the limitation. I have always been big on cooking and variety and trying new things, and right now I am lacking that. I cooked a sweet potato last night for my daughter and it was amazing how much joy I got from cooking one small item. I miss that!

I also have been looking more at the scale than I normally did and since starting the carnivore experiment it isn’t moving as much as it was with Keto. That is because my body has had to adapt to a whole new process of eating and digestion. I have lost some and I have also lost inches, but when I slow down I get discouraged. So I have to remind myself that I didn’t gain it in a day I’m not going to lose it in a day.

All of these negative things weigh me down and suck the energy out of me and make my mood very dark. So I have to focus in on some positivity and make the most out of it. I also have started doing some meditations to clear my mind. No matter the solution I thinks it important for everyone to understand that there are going to be bad days. You just have to recognize them and find a way to reinforce them with something positive. Put yourself in a time out and ask yourself what you need before you ever make a decision. Don’t just act on your impulse of negative thoughts. A close friend of mine always told me even the darkest hour only lasts 60 minutes, and that has gotten me through so much.

So find some good in your day or in your life and use it every chance you get. If anything remind yourself that your alive and that is amazing in itself! Do Not give up on yourself! Until next time Keep Ketoing On!