Body and fat shaming have been around for years, but there has been a major increase in it recently with all the different diet hypes out there. I have witnessed several individuals within the Keto community having horrible things said about them and their body images. Quite frankly I think this is quite childish and needs to STOP!

I do not care if you are Keto, Carnivore, Paleo, Low-Carb, or following a completely different health plan path. No matter what you are choosing to follow you are doing your very best to get to a healthier you. That should be praised and not criticized. You are do this for you no one else, and if anyone else can’t give you some words of encouragement then you need to remove that person from your life. Focusing on anything pertaining to improving your health is a struggle for anyone and encouragement can make a huge difference.

Hello, my name is Uteva and I am fat! That was the introduction that played over and over in my head for pretty much 90% of my life. One I have always had issues with my body and appearance. Social pressures said I needed to be a size 0 and I’ve never been a size 0 nor will I ever be. Then for years I had someone in my life that constantly confirmed what I thought. I was constantly degraded and told I was fat and ugly and would never lose weight. Let me tell you that kind of negativity will tear you down and it takes a lot of time to get in the right head space to feel positive about yourself.

Hello, my name is Uteva and I am here to encourage you and tell you how wonderful life is! This is my new introduction both inside and outside. What changed? My perception on myself changed and I realized that a change in my diet and lifestyle completely changed how I see myself and more importantly how I feel. Do I still have weight to lose? Absolutely, but it’s not my sole focus anymore. I love my energy level and my health changes. I still have about 71 pounds to get down to my ideal weight per science expectations. I know I will get there eventually but on my own schedule and my own path. I don’t need negative people telling me I am not losing fast enough or I am still fat. Look at my pictures from a year ago to now and you can see the differences. I am working on me and that is what should count!

I could care less what your scale says you weigh. I want to be able to help you find your path on a healthier lifestyle. Once you are healthier and heal your body weight loss will be a side effect. Keto never was and never will be a weight loss diet. Keto just happens to have a side effect of weight loss for some. Believe it or not your body will adjust to itself and when you reach a healthy weight it will say ok we have arrived, even if you think you need to lose 10 more pounds.

We all need to stop criticizing and start praising people. Words can be so harmful to people and it can make them stop trying in their tracks. It takes zero effort to say congratulations, you got this, way to go! We need to all start giving encouragement and helping each other instead of tearing each other down. Until next time Keep Ketoing On!