Hello fellow readers, I hope everyone has been having an amazing week. I’ve been super busy as usual prepping for a little weekend travel, and just being a mom. As you can imagine I don’t have much time for an off button or a break. Yesterdays social media collapse was actually a nice break from all the hustle and bustle, but glad to see it all back up and going today.

I wanted to touch base today on the importance of respecting someone’s choices. I am not afraid to say I support a Ketogenic lifestyle and I choose to make that my lifestyle for the rest of my life. I am also not afraid to admit that I have been doing a test run of the carnivore diet for the past 6 weeks as of today and have had great results from it. These are two things that I have found immense passion in and want to share with the world. Here is the thing though Ketogenic has many different levels and forms and so doesn’t carnivore. There are super strict versions and there are lazier versions. Each individual has a way that works best for them and their body. There are also people that do not follow either of these lifestyles, and that doesn’t mean they are wrong either.

I have to remind myself this because I get very upset when I hear certain things people are doing to try to lose weight or better their health but are failing and can’t seem to see the big picture of why they are failing. There is so many people concerned and scared because of the media and what their doctors tell them. I was scared at first too, but once I started seeing results mentally, physically and within my health care I became a believer. It also helped I had the support of my doctor in what I was trying.

Sometimes I even find myself getting upset when people who follow Keto do something I feel is not correct. I feel that way because it is not how I have success. Guess what? They are not wrong if its working for them. It is so important that we give encouragement to all in this community and feel free to share your ideas, but never tell them they are doing wrong! I choose to do what works for me and gets me the best results! You have to have faith that they are also doing the same thing. You never know what health conditions, genetic conditions, or other issues are in the way of their journey.

I do have an extreme passion for what I am doing and I want to share that passion with anyone and everyone that wants to take it in. I want others encouraged to reach out to me and we can talk about what is working for them and what they may be able to switch up to see more success. We are all human and we are all going to make mistake at time, we just need to learn to love and support one another. Any journey to a new lifestyle is not easy and one person giving discouragement can de-rail that in a heart beat. Take time to actually care and support each other. Until next time Keep Ketoing On!