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Good Morning fellow readers! I hope everyone had a great week and is getting a chance to enjoy their weekend. For once here in Chattanooga we have sunshine and decent temperatures, which is super exciting to me as I am looking forward to soaking up some vitamin D later today. I usually don’t write on weekends but I had some me time this morning and had something on my mind that I needed to share with everyone. Why is it that eating healthy and embarking on any type of diet is so costly, it seems to be all about the money and not about the person and their health.

Anyone who has ever embarked on a diet knows that it comes at a cost. There is the cost of the program you choose, the cost of the food, the cost of the supplement, etc., etc., etc. So many costs that may scare of someone before they even get started. I can go to a fast-food joint and get a meal for $5, which is super un-healthy, but I can’t go buy a steak for $5. I can buy a snack cake for $1 but I will have to dish out $5-$10 for a healthier snack like jerky or specialty food. Society and big corporations have made it so easy for us to eat unhealthy and become riddled with excess weight and numerous diseases that in turn will require us to have medication.

It is so sad to me that we live in a society here that is more concerned about making a $1 over someones well-being. I don’t feel that vegetables and meats should be priced that only those with well supplemented incomes can afford them. Simply put even if you’re not on a “diet” and you are trying to just eat whole foods its expensive compared to frozen dinners and boxed crap. Many people don’t know how to budget shop or use coupons they just know they need to feed their families. Society has it all wrong in my opinion the steak should be $5 not the fast food.

I have to provide for a family of 5 people so that means when it comes to food we have to be thrifty as we can be. Most of the time we are a paycheck to paycheck family. So I shop sales and discount stores and whatever else I can do to save a dime. A few years ago we attempted the paleo diet and we actually had great success on it, but after about 6 months we had to stop. We had to stop because I couldn’t afford the food we needed to support that way of eating. So we fell back into the society trap of cheap and unhealthy foods. Due to budget constraints I’ve never been one to sign up for weight loss programs because I could never afford them, but sadly there are people who can and they think that is the only way to do it. So they get taken advantage of and pay way more for a program that in the long run probably won’t last.

When I found keto I had similar worries that we would fall into the same thing that happened on paleo. We would do it for a few months the cost would be exuberant and we would fail again. Here is the thing though, once I got the pantry re-stocked with keto essentials my grocery bill dropped. Why did it drop? It dropped because for once I found something that everyone in the house would follow, and our portion sizes reduced drastically. I learned that a dinner of a meat and a veggie was good I didn’t need three sides to complete the meal. I learned that the family pack of meat was a waster because we couldn’t eat that much in a meal. I also learned how to meal prep and utilize larger purchases for multiple meals. I could make a roasted chicken cover two meals for the week. I didn’t buy a diet plan, I didn’t buy a pill, I didn’t have to buy any products just good whole foods!

Now, there are plenty of products out there that are great for the keto diet and adding in, but they are not required. I choose which products I add in based on what I like and the quality of the products. Since my grocery bill has dropped I can afford to purchase higher quality products that are keto friendly. So I have found a way for it to work for me. Do I need those products to make my way of eating work absolutely not, but I can enjoy them if I want to. You can do Keto and eat cheap, but you have to not listen to all the hype that some throw out there. There is always going to a healthier better option , but sometimes all you can afford will work fine as well. So don’t let it stress you out and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take the time to learn how to shop and save some money to make your healthier life available to you within your means and budget. And until next time Keep Ketoing On!