Monday MadnessGood Monday Morning everyone, hope everyone is ready for their dose of weekly madness! I would love to say I am ready to tackle my week, but I am under the weather and truly wish I could just stay in bed. Unfortunately I have bills to pay and kids to parent so no extra rest for me. Allergies in Chattanooga are brutal so hopefully in the next couple weeks all will clear up and I will be back to my energetic self!

Last week I continued in my carnivore journey and was still feeling great. I also started working on going down to OMAD (one meal a day) and pretty much all week I was successful with that. I had tons of energy and never once felt hungry. The one day that I did feel hungry, guess what, I ate. It is amazing how that works, just listen to your body! So after a month my I lost 2.9 pounds and 5.5″ while on carnivore. That brings my total loss to a little over 72 pounds and over 125″ off my body! Keto/Carnivore is so worth it for me!

In other news in my life I have decided to take the plunge and I applied for my project manager professional certification. So hopefully in the next couple weeks I will find out if I have been approved. Then I will be hitting the books to study for the exam. It is something I have always wanted to do but have procrastinated for too long on. I decided time to go for it and I’m as ready now as I ever will be!

I’ve been continuing research on Keto/Carnivore last week to better wrap my head around things that others are doing and what I agree with and don’t agree with. I want to be able to share with everyone my feelings, my opinions, and I also want a little bit of research behind what I am talking about. The science of it all is fascinating to me. I’ve also started to branch out to others as well, because my way is not the only way and I want to be able to help anyone no matter what way their way is.

I also have started to add back in some heavy cream to my diet to see how it affects me. Not having it in my coffee but have been adding a little bit into some bone broth. I really enjoy the added creaminess it added to my broth. The broth helps sooth my throat and also is giving me a boost of protein to help my body to heal. So far no reaction to the cream and I think as long as I keep it in moderation it will be fine. I have also started adding back in some different spices, and have noticed that most are okay so far. Spicier seasonings seem to be a no-no still though as they tore up my stomach. So I will continue to keep it simple for the most part. Salt and pepper properly applied can make a huge difference.

I have also now eliminated Keto coffee Monday-Friday. I am only doing black coffee with redmonds real salt, and lugols iodine through the week. I do allow myself one keto coffee on the weekends. I actually don’t mind the coffee black and I think the reduction in fat will be better for my loss as I still have plenty of fat to go. I’ve also noticed that I don’t want coffee as much as I did a few weeks ago so my afternoon coffee doesn’t happen everyday anymore.

So as you can see 10 months into this journey and I am still learning so much about myself and my body. You can’t give up you have to constantly tweak things and adapt to what your body needs. I haven’t set a new goal for this week and I may not, as just keeping on track is a goal in itself. Sometimes you don’t need to change it you just need to be in the moment and do it. Looking forward to sharing some more topics with everyone this week, until next time Keep Ketoing On!