Good morning fellow readers! Hope everyone is set to have a wonderful weekend. So as I was enjoying my back deck time with my coffee this morning I ran across a picture on social media that sparked this topic. The picture was a women eating a salad while staring at her co-diners steak with envy in her eyes. I would almost bet she is either thinking it or maybe even said it out loud, I wish I could eat that! Well guess what you can, the only thing stopping you from eating that steak is you.

This goes for all kinds of foods not just steak. I have heard this and said this for years of my life. I can’t have that or I wish I could have that, but the truth is most of the time I could have that I just made an excuse as to why I couldn’t. I’ve tried so many different diets and trends that most of them left me feeling limited and deprived throughout. Keto has changed that for me and I no longer feel that there are foods that I can’t have. I now have the perception of their are foods I choose to eat and foods that I choose not to eat. I can have anything I want that is my option and my right as a human being. I choose not to eat grains, starches and sugars because of the side effects I have from eating those, but it doesn’t mean I can’t.

Even within the Keto lifestyle there are many people that say you can’t have that because it is not Keto. Well it may not be Keto to them because it doesn’t work for them. It doesn’t mean you can’t have it. If your not insulin resistant and your younger and your highly active your Keto may look way different than mine. All you really need to do is make sure you conscious about what your putting in your body and know the effect that it will have on you. There is nothing you can’t have, but there are many things you may choose to not have.

There has been a huge influx of “Keto” products in the market lately. Some of them are great products others are a little dirtier than I would like. Does that mean I can’t have them? Absolutely not! I need to pay attention to the ingredients and know what those ingredients will do to my body. If I truly want a keto protein bar I can have it, what I have to do is be aware that it doesn’t have whole ideal ingredients, it may spike my blood sugar, it may cause some stomach irritation, and its going to pretty much kill my macros for the day. If I can live with all that and I want it as a treat, then guess what I’m going to eat it. I’m never ever going to tell myself that I can’t have it again! I instead tell myself I choose not to have it today!

The longer I do the Keto lifestyle the easier it has became for me to tell people my preferences and what I want. I use to hate that and was ashamed to be so picky. I now know that I need to be picky because it is my body and my health that is at risk. So I will continue to read my labels and request my food a certain way because I am not willing to sacrifice my lifestyle and well being for anything. I also won’t preach to someone who thinks their salad and veggies is the best for them. If they feel good and believe they are benefiting from their way of eating then good for them. I want to spread the message of health and well being. Keto just happens to be my avenue of having both of those and I have measurable results to prove so.

The next time someone tells you that they can’t have something simply ask them why? If their response is I am on a diet they are more than likely depriving themselves. Then ask them can you not have it or do you really not want it? When they can look at you and say I choose not to eat that or I really don’t want that then you can see that they are in a better place nutritionally speaking. So remind yourself you can have whatever you want, you should choose what you don’t put in your mouth! Until next time Keep Ketoing On!