Hello fellow readers, hope our having a wonderfully witty Wednesday! I have been hard at studying most of my day and decided I need a break. So here I am sharing with you my opinions and experiences with stress.

Face it we all have stress in many different forms on almost everyday of our lives. Something broke, work is going bad, a kid got in trouble, you forgot a bill, your hair won’t curl, and so on and so on. So many things can be stressful to so many people, and the kicker is it doesn’t have to be major to make your body balance off. That’s right folks stress messes with you body in so many ways that are unhealthy. De-stressing is super important and vital to being healthy.

I’ve listened to doctors and therapist both tell me for a very long time that I needed to reduce my stress. They told me it was impacting my sleep patterns, my hormones, my anxiety and depression, and my weight loss. Even though I was hearing what they were saying I wasn’t really listening as I never really thought that stress in itself would impact my health like they were saying. Well ladies and gentleman I have proof now that for me stress is impacting my health.

Since switching my lifestyle to Keto the changes have been amazing to say the least. One of the biggest changes has been enhancements in better mood and better sleep. As I have many times said before being able to understand my body better has been a blessing as well. So this is how I discovered stress impacts me so negatively. Last week I had some personal matters all hit the fan at once. I found myself with a mountain of personal/financial/work/and life problems all coming to a head at once. The end result was 3 hours of sleep (my average on a good night is 7.5) and a very angry evening that left me emotionally drained and even more stressed than I was. The results… a fasting blood sugar of 110 and blood ketones of 0.5.

Now most of you reading this think big deal those are in the normal range. They are in a normal range but not my normal range. My normal for fasting is a blood sugar of 68 and blood ketones of 2.5. It was very obvious that the stress and lack of sleep impacted my body quite significantly. Both of these factors more than likely spiked my cortisol levels and in turn I got the results that I did. It took me three days to de-stress and recover my numbers and not once did I stray from my diet. So I am now making more of a conscious effort to de-stress before I get to a point like a did before and also have tried to make more time in my schedule for ample sleep.

I’m not sure what else this crazy stress caused my body to go through but I am sure it is even more than I noticed, and more than I had the capability to test. It just shows me that stress really is bad for you and you need to make an active effort to keep it reduced. There are also some recent studies out that show 20-30 minutes in nature can naturally reduce cortisol levels quicker than anything else. So now that the weather is getting nicer, get outdoors and enjoy it. Put your phone away and just relax and enjoy nature at it’s finest. Until next time…Keep Ketoing On!