Stupid Scale!

Happy Wednesday fellow readers! I hope everyone has had a great week so far, and you continue marching through your week with your head held high and the positivity flowing. Today I wanted to discuss something I hear all the time. So many people get stuck on the fact that a box on the floor is giving you a number and that number is not changing.

First and foremost Keto is NOT a weight loss diet! Keto is a low carb, high fat diet that reduces inflammation. A side effect for many people who do Keto is weight loss. That is not the case for every single person that follow the ketogenic lifestyle and that side effect is different for every single person. There are numerous medical conditions and environmental factors that will heavily influence how fast weight will drop if it drops at all. On the other side of it if you are already at your ideal body weight Keto isn’t going to make you shrink away to nothing, but it is going to help tone up and give you a ton of other benefits.

Secondly, the scale is the cruelest pieces of equipment you can ever own. It lies! I have seen that scale tell me for weeks I have lost no weight or maybe even gained a little….here is the problem with that. You are possibly losing inches or building muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so you can lose five pounds of fat and still gain weight because you put on 7 pounds of muscle, which means the scale is going to say you gained 2 pounds. It is so important while on your journey to take pictures and do measurements! Those pictures and those measurements will show you more progress than that scale ever will.

Third, are you tracking what your eating and are you being honest with what you are eating? Start looking at everything your putting in your body. Decide if it is the best choice for you or if you think it is negatively influencing your progress. If you have to do a few days of an elimination diet. For example if you go one whole week with no heavy whipping cream and you feel better and your inflammation is reduced and all of sudden the scale dropped a pound, you may need to consider eliminating heavy whipping cream from your diet. Ask yourself if your eating whole foods that are healthy or foods that have ingredient lists that are a mile long. Are you counting net carbs or total carbs? Spend a few days tracking everything you eat and drink and when you do it and then start dissecting it to see where you could improve.

Fourth, you are 100% positive that you are doing everything right and your not seeing results. Talk to your health care provider! You may have some underlying issue that is hindering your progress. There are certain medical diagnosis and certain medications that can make your body fight weight loss. Now if you are not overweight and the scale is not moving and your doing everything right…..maybe you don’t need to lose the weight and your body is telling you I’m good right where I am at!

Fifth, no matter what the circumstance is for your weight not dropping do NOT let it frustrate you. You didn’t gain it in a day your not going to lose it in a day. STOP comparing your losses to others, your body is yours and can not be compared to anyone else. Keto in time will help you reach your bodies ideal weight, but it needs time to heal the damage that is already there. I promise outside of a side effect of weight loss Keto will bring far better benefits to your life. Energy, mental clarity, better focus, reduction in medication, and an overall community that will love and support you on your journey. Don’t let a useless box that gives you a random number control you and keep you from all the benefits, and until next time Keep Ketoing On!