Happy Thursday fellow readers! I hope everyone is having a great day. The week is almost over and I can smell the weekend coming up, which I am super excited for as out local market is opening this weekend! Today I wanted to discuss goals and why it is important to set them and at the same time keep them realistic.

We all have goals in our lives. Those goals may be professional or personal, but both categories are equally important. For me having goals gives me purpose and purpose drives me. I need that to be a part of my life and tend to not understand people who don’t want purpose.

When you set out to make a goal you really need to make sure your not setting yourself up for failure out the gates. You need be setting realistic and attainable goals. It can even be a series of of smaller goals that will lead to a long term goal. It or can be one large goal. It all depends on the person and how easily you can handle approaching the goal. Myself I prefer having many small goals that lead me to a larger goal in the end. This is pretty much how approach any of my goals.

Professionally I currently have a goal to re-gain my project manager status. I lost that status when I had to switch companies. I am fully aware that it will take time to do this so I have several small goals to lead me to that. The first one of which is get my project manager certification. Once I complete that small goal I will take on the next goal which is more on job training. You see I know what the small goals are and I know where they lead but I prefer to focus on them one at a time and not all at once.

Personally one goal I have to keep in my sights and definitely keep on a smaller scale is my weight loss goals. I have to look at my weight loss in 10 pound increments. If I look at it any bigger of a range I get easily discouraged. I want to encourage myself and my journey not the opposite. So I think small and somewhere in the back of my head I have a magic number. I will know when I find it but until then it’s just floating around waiting to be recognized.

You also have to take into consideration if a goal is realistic. If my goal is to lose 100 pounds setting a date for that goal weight in two months is obviously not going to happen. You really need to think through what a goal involves and what is realistic about it. Realistically I know I can more than likely lose at least 1 pound a week so it will take me 100 weeks which is almost two years. Now you can also see back to why it think the bigger picture can be discouraging. It goes the same with professional goals. To think I will start med school tomorrow and own my own practice in 4 years is very unrealistic.

Look at goals as opportunities to better yourself. Don’t make goals items that will deter you from making progress and getting you down on yourself. Goals can be simple too, they don’t have to always be about something major. Maybe your goal is as simple as by the end of the month I want to clean out the refrigerator. Easy to accomplish, you gave yourself plenty of time, and its very realistic.

You also can tie rewards to goals. For example every time I lose 10 pounds I give myself $10. That isn’t much but $10 saved over time can buy me something I want or need. If you choose to do a reward system with a goal do NOT use food as a reward. Food is not a reward it is a required nutrient. It’s kind of like here I lost ten pounds now I can have a cheat day! WRONG!!! You worked hard to lose that ten pounds why would you jeopardize it with a food reward.

So take some time and even write out what your goals may be. Decide if they are short term, long term and if they can be grouped together. If it helps make a chart of them. Do whatever you can do to make your goals happen. Until next time…Keep Ketoing On!