Happy Tuesday fellow readers! I hope everyone is having an amazing day. Today I want to talk about something I am super guilty of and need to change in my life. I’ve been working very hard this year on this specific item. I am notorious, as are many people, for putting off things until tomorrow or the weekend. We all need to stop doing that!

All too often I think we all find ourselves either living in the past or focusing on the future. The problem with that is we tend to overlook or miss what is right in front us. We miss opportunities to be great and do great things because all our energy and focus is elsewhere. We also put off so many things that we could do now for another day. Well news flash…..YOU ARE NOT PROMISED TOMORROW!

Ask yourself what are you doing in your life to better your chance of reaching all those future things you keep dreaming of, or things you want to do but keep hesitating? Start taking action, and stop saying I’ll do it tomorrow! Now I fully understand that there are things that you just can’t drop what your doing and do them, and they take some planning. The problem is your not planning and your not doing anything to get to that thing. A great example is you want to take a trip some place. So start saving a small amount of money each week, make a list of what you need for that trip, and start planning it. Don’t wait until you have more money or more time or you may never get there. Live in the moment and start doing things today to get there.

Think of smaller things in your life. How many times has a friend called and said let’s go to this concert, and you really wanted to go but you had to work the next day and would be home late so even though you wanted to go you said no. Why? You missed an opportunity for no good reason at all. You could have still went and had an amazing time, and recovered later. You put something you would have enjoyed on hold for something that you may only do as a means to live. We all really need to start balancing things in our lives better so that we enjoy the things we want and not make excuses to miss those things. Who says you can’t go out on a Tuesday night? If you want to then do it! You may not have another Tuesday night. We need to embrace our lives and and our opportunities and quit holding ourselves back.

Often I think we put off things in our lives because of the people that our in our lives. Well I’m here to say if someone is working against your goals or dreams in your life, or making you hesitate REMOVE them from your life. You do not need that negativity and it is effecting you more than it will ever effect them. It is your life, live it to your fullest in order to find the happiest path and don’t let anyone impede that.

I’ve said for years that I was going to start a blog, write a book, sell my artwork, and help others. The problem was I never acted on that I just kept saying it. Well that changed this year for me because I asked myself one question…what am I waiting for? It doesn’t matter if I have one reader or a thousand readers. What matters to me is I am doing something I love, something I have dreamed of doing, and something most importantly that make me happy. I want to take this approach with so many more things in my life. I want to live for me and live for today! When I find peace within that I feel that true happiness and greatness will follow and come into my life when they are ready to join my party.

So stop telling yourself that you will get to it tomorrow, ask yourself why you can’t just do it today? Embrace your dreams and take them with you and quit looking back, just focus on today and what you can do with today….and until next time Just Keep Ketoing On!