Happy, happy Friday! It’s been a blessed day and and busy one. Today’s addition of Friendly Friday is all about the other kids in my life…my fur babies. If it was up to me I would probably own a small zoo, and in some ways I do have a one.

I have always had a passion and admiration of animals. In my opinion there is nothing like a love an animal has for it’s owner. I honestly can not remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a pet. I have had dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, birds and fish. They all meant something to me on a different level. I can come home after having a bad day and my dog will be there wagging his tail and loving me with every wag.

So without further ado let me introduce you to my fur babies. All of my fur babies have been rescued and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to give them their best life.

My fur babies

On the top right we have Kismit. Kismit is the newest addition to our family. We found her around six months ago in our back years. She was filthy and terrified and fit in my hand. We recently had lost an outdoor cat we had for a few years, so we named her Kismit since we thought it was meant to be that we have her.

Directly below her is my baby Loki. I have had Loki for about a year and he was rescued from a house fire. His name is the most fitting as he is the most mischievous cat I have ever owned. He is also referred to as my third dog. He fetches, does tricks and follows me everywhere. He even has to go to bed with me at night.

Below him is Penny. Penny was our second cat we ever got and was a barn cat rescue. She is also frequently known as princess fluffy butt. She is very much a solo traveler who sticks to herself. She will let you know when she wants attention and other than that you need to leave her to her own.

On the top left is Sheldon. Sheldon was our first cat rescue and he is a lover. He is pretty much my daughter, Salali’s cat. He follows her everywhere and cries for her when she is gone. He is also very nurturing and fathering to all the other cat’s in the house.

Below him is my dog Sampson. Sampson was rescued when he was 6 months old. If there was ever a dog that was supposed to be mine it is him. He is very attached to me and has bad anxiety when I am gone. We comfort one another and he makes my world a brighter place. He is also super smart and loves to do tricks for treats.

Last but far from least is Delilah. We rescued Delilah to give Sampson a companion and friend to play with. I think she ended up rescuing my husband though. She is his without a doubt. She is all legs and super goofy. She fits in perfect in our lives.

So there you have it, my miniature zoo! I love all my fur babies and would have more if I could. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Until next week…..