Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope your week is off to a great start. Today I want to talk about a topic that I think is one of the number one deterrents from individuals taking on the keto way of eating. How can I do keto and still eat out? How can I stick with keto is I travel a lot?

Both of these questions can stop a person dead in their tracks when it comes to keto. First off, stop thinking like that! You are going to have to adjust the way you usually do things, but you can completely stick to the way of eating while traveling and also can still enjoy a meal out. The kicker is being sure that you are educated about what you are choosing, and you also have to be willing to ask questions and make special requests.

Tip #1 – Carry your own salt and butter with you. I am not kidding. I keep both with me to ensure that I get high quality salt with my meal and also to ensure that the butter is real and not margarine. Believe me I have not had one person ask me a single question when I pull out my own salt shaker.

Almost every single restaurant chain has something on their menu that can be adapted in some way to make it Keto. There are a few that this is impossible and you have to just tell yourself no to those places. It is a choice! If you want deep fried food coated in vegetable oil, you can go have that. You should also realize that if this is truly what you want you are not committed to changing your way of eating and starting your keto journey.

Tip #2 – Research restaurants that you like to visit and see if they have a nutritional menu. Choose places that use real and fresh food over processed and frozen food. Make food knowledge your power to make a great choice.

My favorite way to order food at any restaurant is NAKED! This is the simplest way to communicate no seasoning and no sauces. You can even ask a lot of places to grill your veggies without fat, then add in your own butter. Many burger joints offer options with either no bun or a lettuce wrap. There are even sandwich shops doing the same thing. When in doubt you can also just go the route of a good salad and customize it by removing anything that is not keto friendly. Even restaurant ranch is not completely horrible. BBQ joints and wing places are great options for faster food. They always have naked options and usually at least one side or two that are keto.

Tip #3 – Customize! Do not be afraid to ask them to customize your food. Make sure it fits into what you want.

I am guilty of asking this when I first started. I’m going on a trip, what snacks can I have? Well first off eventually on keto you lose the urge to snack completely. In the mean time though you have options here. You can easily grab a lower carb jerky, nuts, cheese sticks, cheese whisps, etc. Invest in a small travel cooler that you can keep items cold in. Restock ice when you stop to refuel your car. Hydrate with extra water instead of snacking. Ask yourself if you want a snack because you are hungry or because your bored? The later one can get you in trouble.

Tip #4 – If you make a mistake, life goes on. Put it behind you and make tomorrow a better day.

I won’t lie the first few months you may miss the convenience of fast food or meals you don’t have to prepare. In time; however, it gets easier. I have learned that I don’t always need a big meal and instead of driving to a fast food joint for a burger in the same amount of time I can fix a few eggs and bacon. I use to be all about variety in my diet, now I am more about the nutrients and the satiety. It makes a big difference. Most food places turn my stomach anymore as the smells alone make me not want to be there. You just have to be patient, take your time, and come to terms with the fact that you are human and you will make a mistake or two along the way.

Tip #5 – If all else fails get a steak! You can’t go wrong with a steak.

Keto isn’t about limiting your diet. Keto is about a way of living and eating to support your body. So don’t let eating out or traveling take that from you. Remember each day is a new day and a new step forward. Until next time….Keep Ketoing On!