Happy Wednesday fellow readers! It’s a hot humid day here in Chattanooga, TN. Today I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about a few products that have made my Keto journey much easier.

First and foremost you do not need any specific product to be successful at Keto. All you need is good protein and keto approved veg and you will be good to go. Now with that being said I think it is important to make better choices along the way and many of these products have helped me stay in align with my goals, and also have made a difference in the food quality I prepare. Also, please note that these are my personal opinions only. I am in no way a promoter for these products or being paid to brag them up. They are plain and simply great products.

Product #1 – Redmonds real salt! I researched this stuff until I was blue in the face. I read hundreds of reviews and even emailed the company directly to answer the additional questions I had from the reviews. Let me tell you I was not disappointed once I received it and once I tried it. I know you are all thinking it is just salt, but man are you wrong! This stuff has a flavor profile from the added natural minerals that are in the salt. It brings out the natural flavor of meat like nothing I have ever tried. I add it to my coffee, my water for an electrolyte boost, and I carry a shaker of it with me everywhere I go. Trust me once you taste this stuff all other salt just doesn’t add up.

Product #2 – Redmonds Earthpaste! When I went Keto and started paying attention to ingredients it hit me that toothpaste is loaded with chemical. So at first I switched to Toms. Toms has a great product but still has xylitol in it. Xylitol is toxic to dogs and I didn’t want my fur babies risking getting a hold of it. So then I found Earthpaste. They actually offer one that has zero sweeteners in it, and only has four ingredients. The first time I used it I thought this is gross. I could taste the salt in it and it was odd because it doesn’t have the foaming agent in it that regular toothpaste does. After a couple days I went from tasting the salt to the essential mint oil instead. After a week let me tell you my teeth feel cleaner than they have in years and I have minimal build up if any at all. They also offer other flavors and options with sweeteners that are keto friendly such as stevia.

Product #3 – Free range fresh chicken eggs! I know there are a bunch of people out there saying it is just an egg. Having a fresh egg from a pastured chicken does not even begin to compare to any store bought egg I have ever had. Also, I have noticed with these eggs I have less reactions to my body from them. The yolks (my favorite part) are also so much richer than other eggs. I also like that I am supporting a local farmer and business with my purchase. My local farmer of choice is Feathers and Fruit.

Product #4 – Keto Chow Fasting drops! I do a lot of intermittent fasting, and here lately I have picked up doing a lot more longer duration fasts. I add these drops to my water and it helps keep my electrolytes in balance. There are many times that I my mind starts to tell me I am hungry, but I know I am not. These drops make me realize I am not truly hungry its a mind trick. The other great part is they are not pricy and they go a long way.

These are my four staple things that make my keto journey better. There are many other products that I try and like, but I don’t consistently use them enough to be able to give a good review of them. I have placed links to these products above in the text and you can also find them on my products page. Until next time…Keep Ketoing On!