Good Morning fellow readers and welcome to another publication of Monday Madness! First and foremost I want to take a moment on this Memorial Day to remind everyone to remember those who have sacrificed so much in their lives so that we may have the freedoms we do, may their families and loved ones find peace in their memories and that fact that they are true heroes.

Last week I went back to tracking my macros. While I am still eating pretty much a zero carb diet I felt like I was somewhat stalled out and not feeling as well I was previously. So I paid close attention to my fat to protein ratio was. I didn’t set hard limits for myself but used at as more of a guide. I also did four days of 24 hour fasting with one meal a day. Surprisingly I saw a big increase back in my energy level and how well I was sleeping. I am slowly figuring out what works best for my body and where I feel optimal.

I had an amazing opportunity last week and it really started to put a lot of things in perspective. Through a contest on instagram I won an opportunity to have a phone consult with motivational speaker, keto coach and BMX professional Josh Perry. If you have an instagram I encourage you to follow him @joshperrybmx, if you don’t check out his website at It was one of the most empowering and knowledge filled conversations I have had. Not only relating to keto, but more importantly relating to mind set. He is one of the most down to earth and helpful people that I have ever spoken with. He is truly genuine and that means so much to me when I talk to someone. I have so many notes and I have some actions coming out of that call that I will tell you about next.

My number one action coming out of that call is to identify what are my current goals and why. I obviously am not at my ideal weight yet, but in the grand scheme of things I need to decide if the weight really is my goal. In my own mind I think I have more important goals that I need to be focusing on. Those goals include things like increased positivity, mental function and stability, reduced anxiety and depression. These things in the end will ultimately lead me to weight loss. So I plan on starting to really prioritize and think through those goals and start making changes that will benefit me and make me happy.

The second thing that I plan on doing as soon as possible is adding back in the use of exogenous ketones. I used to use these when I first started keto, but after hearing so much negative feedback about how I was wasting my money I stopped. After seeing some recent research done by Josh and talking to him about the mental benefits of them I think it is beneficial for me to try them again. For those who are curious I will be using pruvit brand because they in my opinion really are the best on the market. I ordered a few packets over the weekend and should get them in a few weeks. Once I do start them again I will let everyone know if I see changes. For me I am hoping that they will help with my mental clarity and cognitive actions. I have no plan nor do I think that you can eat what you want take a pack of ketones and be good the next day. I am using these for mental benefit nothing more and I will be maintaining my keto carnivore diet and have no plans to cheat.

Third thing is I plan to stay in touch with Josh in the future. I have realized how important it is to include and talk to others who share your desired mindset. It’s important to find the positive people to surround yourself by and allow them to drive your positivity in your efforts.

Also, look forward this week to a pretty important blog. I am fastly approaching my one year anniversary on the keto lifestyle. After speaking with Josh I want to share what a year journey looks like with you all. Not just the good parts but also the bad parts. I hope each and everyone of you have an amazing week, and until next time….Keep Ketoing On!