Happy Thursday fellow readers! Hope everyone’s week continues to be amazing. Remind yourself daily that you are alive and you are doing your very best and that is what matters the most. Today I want to talk about how easily we misconstrue titles and what they can actually mean. There are so many different diets, methods and approaches who is to say what is right and what is wrong.

So for the majority of my journey I was what I would call relaxed keto, which later developed into strict keto, which then turned into a stage 1 carnivore, which has now become ketovore or meat heavy keto. Are you confused yet? Well if you are not you are doing better than me. Some days I don’t know what I am, but I do know that in the end all that matters is I am consuming whole nutrient dense foods that fuel my body through the use of healthy fats and proteins vs. sugars and grains. Now that last statement is one that you can actually start to wrap your head around.

I think we have all started to care too much what label we wear in this lifestyle. There are so many ways to do keto and carnivore that there really isn’t a single clear definition of either. It is all based on who you talk to and how you interpret it. When I first started I honestly thought what I was doing was simply keto. Turns out in some eyes I was doing a more relaxed or “dirty” version since I was only focusing on my net carb consumption. Guess what? It was working for me so what does it really matter. So after a few months I tightened up my belt and went strict keto, counting total carbs, eliminating certain foods completely and if it had a label I wasn’t consuming it.

In natural progression I jumped on the “carnivore” train. Which while for 30 days all I consumed was animal products technically I wasn’t a full carnivore because I was still drinking coffee on a daily basis. Coffee is a plant and I unfortunately am not at any spot in my life to decide I don’t want to consume it. Call it my life blanket. One day I may give it up but not anytime soon. Then I discovered I really really like dill pickles with red meat. So pickles and pickled cucumbers which are also plants. So I assumed the title of ketovore. Meaning I am eating a heavy meat keto diet which is pretty much zero carb. So far all of it has worked for me and I still feel amazing. So what does it matter what you call it.

I think we need to focus less on the title and more one the what we should be consuming. We need to educate why red meat is so nutrient dense and why eating as little as an ounce of liver a day can be more beneficial than a multivitamin or a bowl of spinach. We need to educate why wheat is bad and why total carbs are more important to realize than a net carb. We need to identify that everyone is a bio individual and that by condemning what works for them we are condemning ourselves and our future. If we could ultimately get everyone to shop the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid anything packaged or anything processed we already managed to take advantage of a huge hurdle in the nutrient game.

I feel we also need to educate why fruits are not necessarily as good for us as we were all taught and that natural sugars in them are just as bad as eating a spoonful of sugar. Explain to people why wheat bread isn’t really any better than white bread. Teach them what insulin is and how it effects different people and how the science behind the food effects your body. We need to educate, educate, educate ….instead of label, label, label. No ones person way of doing something is perfect except for the person doing that. I know people that can eat dairy with no problem, if I eat too much of it I’m sick for days. I can’t eat pork belly but other carnivores can. Neither one of us are more right than the other, our bodies just tolerate food differently. So the next time you get ready to label someone or how they eat think about it before you do. Instead think of asking them why they chose to eat something or not. Instead take a chance and learn from what is working for them. We all have our way and our own label. So as of today my label is this I am eating a nutrient balanced diet high in healthy fats and proteins. Until next time …. What’s Your Confession.