About Me

Hey everyone and welcome to charming confessions, a place where there really are no secrets and I will tell you exactly what’s on my mind and how I feel! My name is Uteva Chesser and I’m always open to topics and discussions and up for talking even if we don’t know each other. So a little bit about me:

Keto is a very big part of my platform and has been a major life changer for me. I have currently lost over 70 pounds and have regained a larger portion of my life back. I have eliminated numerous medications and improved my overall mental health. I now want the opportunity to share with others what Keto can do for them. I want to help others reach their successes and see a better health outcome.

I am a full time mom of three wonderful children, all of which are now in there teenage years and have busier schedules and lives than I do. So when I can wrangle the three of them together for some family time I count my blessings! I am married to my loving and very supportive husband Tanner Chesser. He has been a huge part of my current successes and seems to keep the light on my path no matter what direction I choose. In addition to our already insanely crazy family of five we have six fur babies. Two dogs Sampson and Delilah and four cats: Sheldon, Penny, Loki and Kismit!

I have always had a passion for writing and art, so when I’m not blogging I’m usually painting. I enjoy helping others in any way I can and have a very open mind when it comes to almost everything. I love hearing peoples stories and their successes as well as their failures.

If you want to know more just ask me, don’t be shy I don’t bite and I will gladly answer your questions!

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