Happy Tuesday fellow readers! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and magnificent week. I am trucking along in usual fashion and trying to enjoy every moment that I have been blessed to have. Today I wanted to talk about how it is okay for us to actually repeat certain things in our lives. Repetition is not always an evil thing and I want the opportunity to explain to you how it can be your friend.

Anytime you take on a new lifestyle it can be overwhelming. That lifestyle could be an eating lifestyle such as keto, paleo, or carnivore. That lifestyle could also be one of career or social status. No matter what the criteria is when you set out to make a change in your life that is going to have a significant long term impact on you it can take a toll on you. So why would anyone want to make it more complicated than what it should be? I personally am guilty of doing this on more than one occasion and it more than one instance it brought forth failure.

I am going to use diet as my main example for the simple fact that this is the area in my life which I have the most experience with failure due to over complicating things. So let’s time travel backwards five years ago. I stumbled across this amazing “new” (not really) diet called paleo. I jumped into paleo 100% on board to succeed. Only to six months in fall flat on face and fail and go back to eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and completely derailing my progress. Why did I fail? I failed because I over complicated everything and made it impossible to be happy. I spent every second of my spare time budgeting and planning to afford the food I needed. I spent hours planning dual meals because I didn’t want to make my kids eat what we were eating. I thought I needed a new meal every single day and I couldn’t have left overs. It was stressing me out more than it was helping me and that’s not a good place to be for a person who eats more when stressed. Between the stress and a grocery bill that was doubling paleo died as quickly as it started.

Now fast forward to a year ago and I discovered Keto. How was this going to be different? I learned from my first mistake. Rule number one I refused to make more than one meal a day for my family. If the kids wouldn’t eat it then oh well. I wasn’t going to let my budget stand in the way of this happening. Rule number two I had to find a way to keep it simple and also not get bored. I have always been this huge advocate for variety and you can’t eat the same thing twice in a week, let alone in a day. Well guess what I have never been more wrong. The reason I was wrong was because I was eating way more junk than actual food that was making me feel good and satisfying me. Let me tell you now I can eat the same thing seven days a week without batting an eye, why? Because I know those things will make me feel amazing.

There is nothing wrong with having the same things over and over and over in this type of situation. That same thing I am eating day after day is fueling me and making me feel optimal. It is just like working out, I can do the same workout every single day and as long as my goal is health I will be successful. Now if my goal is to build muscle I will have to have some change at some point, but to just be active and get in physical activity I can do the same thing everyday as long as I am happy doing it.

My point of all of this is don’t let over complicating things divert you from your path. Don’t be afraid to do the same thing or eat the same thing everyday. The key is to ensure whatever you are repeating is making you happy and not dragging you down. Don’t think you have to do something extravagant in order to be successful. Just keep it simple and do what makes you happy. If you don’t know what that is take the time to figure it out. Pay attention to how you feel when you are doing that activity. Then pay attention to how you feel after that activity. If you are not happy then you don’t need to repeat it. Repeat your happiness and grow and until next time …Keep Ketoing On!