Hello fellow readers…HAPPY FRIDAY! What a week it has been and I am looking forward to my weekend. So I wanted to take a few today and talk about salt. Salt seems to instill fear into people. I have never had that fear because that fear is a large majority of the time tied to high blood pressure, I’ve always been on the opposite side and had lower blood pressure so it never bothered me. With that being said I was still very conscious about consuming it and minimally using it on my food.

First off I am not a medical doctor and the information I am sharing with you is of my opinion only. If you want medical advice I advise you to reach out to your doctor. Also, please be aware that just because my body does not see an effect from salt consumption it does not mean you will have the same effect, we are all bio-different!

If you want a great resource to read on salt I highly recommend the book The Salt Fix by Dr. DiNicolantonio. This is a great book with information from a great guy! You need to understand what salt is and what it does for you and this book will help you understand that better.

Second off you really need to invest in a good high quality salt. It makes all the difference in how it is used in your body and also the taste quality is different. Yes all salts taste different. Just a note for knowledge…table salt has sugar in it! Avoid it at all costs! You need a good quality Himalayan pink salt or even a Celtic sea salt would be great. Don’t just grab anyone of them though. You need to see where the salt is being sourced from. Many salts today are polluted with micro-plastics from our oceans. This is one of the main reasons I choose Redmond’s Real Salt, it is mined from an ancient ocean that dried up in Utah and is pure. It also has an amazing taste profile to it and I thoroughly enjoy the flavor it gives me. They even offer travel shakers and while I have not purchased one yet, I do keep some in my purse at all times! Yes I take my own salt everywhere with me and yes it makes that big of a difference.

Lastly I wanted to talk about some personal results of mine. I had blood work done in 2017 prior to starting any form of keto. My sodium level at that time was 143. Keep in mind during that time I pretty much added no extra salts to my food, and if I did it was a minimal amount. Fast-forward to March 2019….43 weeks into Keto and my sodium level was 142! My sodium actually dropped a complete point. The funny thing is I salt everything I eat now liberally to taste, I add it to my water for an electrolyte boost, and I actually just eat it as a snack on a daily basis. So your thinking ok what about your blood pressure? So pre-keto my average blood pressure had been running around 124/87 my current blood pressure averages around 112/74. So personally for me the increase in salt has not affected my sodium levels or my blood pressure. As a side note my resting heart rate has also dropped 18 beats per minute as well…I would say my ticker is doing just fine.

Don’t shy aware from a necessary mineral that we need because you don’t understand it. Take the time to educate yourself about the mineral, and then educate yourself on a good quality product to put into your body. Salt is your friend not your enemy. Until next time Keep Ketoing On!