Happy Friday fellow readers! Another week in the book yeah baby! Life is trucking along and I’m alive so that is the most important thing. I can work on all the other things along the way.

This week I thought I would share with you random (although probably useless) facts about me. I want you as your readers to have the opportunity to better understand who I am. As always never be afraid to ask questions, as I am not afraid to answer so here we go:

  1. My favorite color is turquoise! I own way to many pieces of clothing in this color and usually have to force myself away from it. I find peace and calming in it.
  2. If I could go anywhere I would go to Croatia! Croatia has been on my bucket list for over ten years. I want to go there and hike and see all the beauty it has to offer.
  3. My best friend is my husband Tanner! They say you should marry your best friend I did!
  4. If I could have any wish it would be for peace and understanding in all things I do and that are around me. Kind of cheesy but really that makes me the happiest.
  5. I personally don’t care for watching TV or movies. There are a handful I watch and most of it centers around cooking. I just find it to be non-stimulating and that’s not for me, but I do have a lazy Sunday every now and then that is movie filled.
  6. My favorite place to hang out is any coffee shop. I love the ambience a coffee shop offers not to mention they offer my favorite beverage. I am more a less a coffee snob though I have my faves.
  7. My number one vice (even on Keto) is dark chocolate. I am a sucker for an amazing chocolate bar and the darker the better. I currently have an eye on a couple that haven’t made it to market yet!
  8. My number one thing I am afraid of is spiders! I hate everything about them, and I’m so afraid of them that I can’t even kill one. I know they serve there purpose but just to creepy crawly for me.
  9. I have one sister and was an only child for 11 years of my life. She has grown into a wonderful young women and is chasing her dreams. Miss her like crazy though since we don’t live close to each other.
  10. I’m a super short person..lol. I come in at a towering 5’4” and glad to have a 6’ 3” husband to reach the top shelf for me once in my life.
  11. My eyes are my favorite trait. They are super dark brown and the capture the every essence of my soul.
  12. My favorite food is hands down brisket. I could eat brisket 7 days a week since I discovered it.
  13. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. The combination of cooking and getting friends and family together make me so happy. I could honestly serve dinner for anyone friend or not I love it that much!
  14. I was born on July 13th and both my daughters are July babies as well. I love when my birthday hits Friday the 13th it makes it extra spooktacular!
  15. My favorite number is the number 7. All because I was born on the 7th month at 7:30PM and weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces.

So there you have it 15 random and crazy facts all about me. I hope you enjoyed and just as a reminder feel free to ask questions.