Health First

Happy Tuesday all. I hope you are having a great week. It is a blazing hot one here in Chattanooga but its absolutely gorgeous! Today I want to talk about the importance of health.

So when it comes to health we can think of hundreds of different things. I want to specifically discuss the importance of health associated with diet. First off, disclaimer, I am not a medical professional and I am not offering any medical advice. The following content is of my own opinion and own experiences/beliefs nothing more.

In no way, shape or form will a singular diet work for health improvement for every single person. We are all so different from one another biologically speaking that just because something works for me does not mean it will work for you. A great example is that some people are allergic to eggs and can’t consume them. I can consume them just fine. That is because we are different. That is also the reason why there are so many different versions and methods of doing Keto or any other lifestyle diet. A great example of this is that my husband and I both started keto together; however, if I would have ate what he was eating it is highly unlikely I would have had the results I have had. In reverse had he ate what I ate he would have failed because it would have left him feeling hungry.

I hear so many people say you can’t do that it’s not keto. Well who are you the keto police? You can eat anything you want on a keto diet as long as you are eating whole and healthy foods. If you are avoiding grains, sugars, and processed junk you are well on your way to a keto diet. There are optimal keto foods but that doesn’t mean you can’t have something not on the list. For example if you can fit a small portion of sweet potato into your macros and you feel fine eating the sweet potato and it doesn’t spike your blood sugar then you can have it. Now if you can’t control the portion or if you eat it and your blood sugar goes haywire you can’t eat that. At the same time I can make a donut fit my macros if I wanted to but that is not a whole healthy food. So that my dear friends no matter how you look at is not keto.

So many people think they will start eating keto and restrict all this things and they are going to lose hundreds of pounds. Keto is NOT a weight loss diet, it is an inflammatory reduction diet. It also needs to quit being viewed as a diet. A diet is something you are forcing yourself to do and not a lifestyle choice. Keto is a lifestyle choice as I am choosing what to put in my body. In return my body is slowly going to heal itself. The years of damage I have caused need to heal before they will ever correct themselves. So I have been a little stalled on weight for a while but for once in my life I don’t care. I know my body is healing and I still continue to feel better and better. The more I worry about a number on a scale the more I stress and the less chance of me actually losing anything.

I am choosing to heal my body through food nothing more. So I need to listen to my body’s queues and give it what it is needing. Our bodies will crave certain things when we are deficient in them. One for me is magnesium. I can always tell when my magnesium levels are off because I start craving chocolate like crazy. There are many food cravings that have a correlating mineral that you may be lacking. Take some time and learn about them. I also am working on becoming more intuitive with my eating, chances are if I am wanting a sweet potato there is something in that sweet potato that I need. So rather than avoid that I will have a small amount. My ideal carb range may be able to be a little higher than others. Insulin resistant individuals may find the exact opposite to be true.

After being mostly carnivore for the last few months I decided I wanted to add some veggies back in. What did I learn some small veggies are ok, specifically pickles and avocado. I ate a couple full fledge salads and I felt absolutely miserable for a few days. So I am learning less veg for me is key. I can also tell based on my cravings if I need more fat intake. If I start craving major sweets I know I need more fat for that day. I have also became aware that my coffee obsession was going over board so I am actively cutting back my caffeine intake. So far so good just feeling a little more tired in the afternoons than usual but I know that will pass.

You really have to spend some time dialing into listening to your body and do what your body needs. The more you restrict and the more you cut the more stress you put your body under. If you body is in a constant state of stress your body will never heal and you will never see the results or health outcomes you want to. I highly recommend start making a journal and record how you feel after you eat specie things, what you crave and when, anything your body is trying to tell you write it down. Then research and see what it may be telling you, or even share with your doctor and they may have some additional input for you.

What you eat is only a super small piece of the puzzle, but a very integral part of it at the same time. Proper nutrition will heal you if you listen to it. You also need movement in your life. No you don’t need a CrossFit membership, but as little as 10 minutes walking everyday is better than being sedentary. Take control of your health and become the better you. Until Next Time….What’s Your Confession?


Never Give Up

Hello fellow readers! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Today I want to talk to you about the importance of never giving up. I don’t care what we are talking about you simply have to keep going.

Yesterday was my one year keto anniversary and I could have easily gave up today and been happy with where I am at. I chose to keep going though because I know I can still achieve more and I know I will. I don’t want to give up. Giving up would mean I am giving up on myself and my achievements. I don’t want that.

We all have goals, dreams, ambitious, and things we want to accomplish. Well if you get frustrated and give up you will never accomplish it. I want to be a successful blogger, writer, and painter. I know that I can’t accomplish all that over night, and I know there will be people who disagree or hate what I am doing. The difference is that I am not giving up and I am going to keep on giving it my all. The way I look at is the day I decide to give up could be the day that success knocks on my door. So I won’t give up and I will keep doing what I love. I am doing this for me no one else and that is what really matters.

You need to take the time to realize your goals and surround yourself by positive people that will encourage you to keep driving toward those goals. Find where your support is and embrace it. For every negative that tries to knock you off course create a new positive to take it’s place. You will never make very one happy, there will always be a critic. Just don’t allow that critic to stop you and make you give up. Use their criticism as fuel to prove them wrong and succeed.

In perspective of diet and keto, no one is perfect. We all have a day where we ate something that we shouldn’t have or tried something that didn’t quite fit in. It doesn’t matter because tomorrow is a new day and you just do better tomorrow. You don’t give up and cave in and eat a bag of chips and pint of ice cream, all that is going to do is allow you to give up. Instead admit your fault pick yourself up and strive on to be better the next day.

Determination is the key to so many things in our lives. The minute we give up we are letting ourselves done. You are worthy of what you want you just have to work hard and be determined to get it. I know I will never give up and I will achieve my goal, if anything for myself! Until next time…Keep Ketoing On!

Keep on Keeping on

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All too often we start something and then we let “life” derail us. I know I’m guilty of this on several things. I’ve lost count of how many blankets I started to crochet but have now been tossed to the back of my closet. More so than that the numerous diets and weight loss trends I tried before Keto came into my life. I always found an excuse to stop or convinced myself the struggle wasn’t worth the reward, but for some reason it was not like that with Keto, at least not entirely.

I would be giving you very false information if I said I jumped on the Keto wagon and ta da it was magic and smooth sailing. If it were not for my husband supporting me from day one I would have caved the very first week and dove head first into a carton of ice cream. Even once I got past the awful first week of sugar withdrawals, my journey was far from flawless. Between daily stresses, having kids, social outings, and somedays just being down and depressed “dirty” keto became my friend at times. I would allow myself to drift into items I knew were not good for me based on their ingredients, but they fit my way of counting “net” carbs so it was all good. It was good for the first few months until I found a good support system and individuals with information that made more sense.

After four months of “dirty” keto I started to realize while I was dropping weight I was also not feeling as others doing keto. So I chose to not give up but dig in deeper and what I learned was that all those things I was making fit into my macros were actually defeating the purpose of what I was aiming for. Not only did I want to lose weight I wanted to be healthier and happier, I wanted to enjoy my life and not spend it in my bedroom staring at a wall all the time. I wanted to be able to go out and not get depressed because I thought another women looked better than me. I wanted to really re-discover who I was and quit hiding behind the excuse of I don’t feel well.

So here I was four months in and re-addressing everything and tweaking what I was doing and researching more. I could have easily thrown in the towel at that point and picked up a donut and been happy, because the cravings to me at that point were still very much real. I didn’t though something told me don’t give up just do better. So I went on and guess what after another couple months things were a little better, but I still had a ways to go. So I kept researching and growing my support circle and started asking more and more questions. I would have never asked questions before but I still ask so many questions! I want to know answers and opinions and what worked for others, because I want to find what combination of all of that works the best for me!

Almost 9 months into this journey with 65 pounds lost and 98 3/4″ lost off of my body I still have days I have to dig deep to keep myself going. I’m seeing amazing results and I still struggle!! Yes, my cravings have stopped and I have no desire for sugary things anymore, but I still have body complex issues and miles to go to get to where I want to be. The difference is I have this energy and amazing group of people that push me, and now I am making a difference in others lives and pushing them. It doesn’t matter what way of eating you prefer or what health things you believe in. What matters is that you believe in the whole heartedly and you push yourself to be different and not give up. You may have a bad day but don’t throw in he towel just get back at it tomorrow! We are human and we will make errors, don’t be so critical of those errors! You got this, you can do, find your inner strength and Keep On Keeping On!

Mind Over Matter

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Our mind is a super powerful part of our existence. Our mind easily controls us and if we let it,  it will without a doubt lead us how it wants to. Here is a perfect example of this. Imagine being a child and all your parents fed you were hamburgers and french-fries. You associate this two foods as being yummy and you enjoy them. Then one day your mom puts brussels sprouts in front of you, and your brain says warning because you have never seen it. So without even tasting it you immediately don’t like it because your brain says it’s different. You have to make a choice: 1. listen to your brain or 2. Take a chance and try it and tell your brain hush. If you took the chance you may have found you actually liked the brussels sprouts and now you have taken control of your mind and taught it to like something new.

The same kind of routine happens whenever we want to jump into a new diet or new lifestyle. This is also why so many of us fail when we attempt to do so. Are mind forms intricate habits and we have to basically do something repeatedly to re-write it with a new habit. Someone who ate a cupcake everyday at three o’clock for ten years if going to have to work very hard to override that craving with something new at 3 o’clock everyday until the mind says oh I get it! Does that mean in time you will completely forget about the cupcake? No the cupcake will always be there you just replaced it with a new habit, you have to remain focused to make it stick. Otherwise you would easily just go back to the cupcake.

So every person that wants to change their way of eating (woe) has to make sure they are in the right headspace to achieve their goals. You have to remain focused and also realistic with your goals. I just didn’t wake up one day and say ok Keto let’s do this. I had to know it would work for me. I had to do research and make sure I could handle such a drastic change.

Then there is the fact that when you jump in it is nothing but pure hell. I have never felt so sick in my entire life. Sugar withdrawal is no joke folks. Had I not been in the right headspace I wouldn’t have made it through that first week. I would have had a bite of brownie and fell off the wagon. There were so many intense cravings in the beginning but I told my brain no we ate not doing that anymore. In return my new habits have replaced my old and I feel amazing for it. If I had not prepared myself and jumped in though I would have never made it.

You really have to commit yourself to changes, and make sure your in the headspace to do it. If your giving up chocolate you need to make sure you can resist it every time you stand in a checkout at the grocery store, because chocolate isn’t going away but your desire to want it can. Just remind yourself it takes 21 days to change a habit!!!