There is NO perfect way.

Happy Tuesday fellow readers. I hope you all are having a great start to your weeks. I am trucking along at the speed of sludge this week. I am for some reason a little more tired than usual, but I keep moving forward and I am doing my best to get in a little extra rest in the evenings.

I wanted to talk today about the fact that in life there is NO perfect way to do something. There may be preferred ways or even ways that have been proven to work, but none of them are perfect and there is always room for improvement. We each find a way that works and is successful for us. This does not mean that my way is the only way or the better way, it simply means I feel that it is the best for ME!

I personally find myself to be a very inquisitive person. I tend to research things for way too long before I ever make a decision. I have always been a fan of education and science and experiments, so I probably try a few too many things sometimes when I should just stick to what I know. Even though I like to experiment when I hear something I don’t necessarily agree with I don’t instantly say that’s not true. I instead give the person an opportunity to educate me and maybe they will change my mind and maybe they won’t. Either way that doesn’t mean they are wrong it just means they have found a better way for whatever it is to work for them.

The key to all of this is open your eyes, your heart and you mind and try to see things from their point of view. You will never agree 100% with everyone you come across in your life. Use the opportunity though to educate and learn as much as you can. You may even find something in what you are learning that you may want to experiment with yourself. You may try it and have success, or try it and have failure. Just don’t confuse that failure for being wrong. They weren’t wrong it was just the wrong solution for you.

When you start taking the time to start looking at other’s methods and perspectives you start to learn respect. Respect is an empowering concept. Respect can move mountains and can bring such gratification into your life. Instead of judging someone accept their ideas with that openness and they will respect you for it. We ALL are important in our OWN ways. WE all learn differently and we all have different goals.

So instead of criticism or being offended by something someone else brings to light, take the opportunity to politely ask why or how. Take the time to see why they think that particular way is better. Stop letting other’s methods dictate what and how you do things to reach your own goals. Set your own course and use the information you receive along the way as a tool not a requirement. And lastly take the opportunity to praise and acknowledge that person for finding the right way for them because that in itself is an amazing accomplishment, and remember to always be you and proud of who you are because that is pretty damn special too!


Monday Madness (publication #7)

Monday MadnessGood Monday Morning! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is looking forward to a great week! I am jumping into April full force, and have decided to refocus and re-center myself. I will be kicking off today by starting my all new experiment that I announced last week. So with that in mind let me tell you a little bit about last week and then a quick look ahead for this week.

I normally don’t weigh or measure except once a month as it stresses me out and depresses me when I don’t see a result that I want to. I did jump back on the scale this weekend though so I would have numbers to start my experiment with. I did not lose any weight in a week but I did lose 3 inches, so I will consider that a success. During the upcoming challenge I will be weighing and measuring weekly to share my results with you.

I finished up my carnivore experiment last week. While I didn’t see major weight loss changes I did see an overall improvement in sleep and energy which is more important to me than actual weight loss. So this weekend I incorporated a few keto items in my diet and lucky me I had no bad effects from it. That will all change this week with my new experiment. Even though I may be adding in some Keto things I still plan to stay away from heavy amounts of dairy, sweeteners, and any type of nuts/nut flours. I am doing this because I feel at my best when I don’t have those things in my body. They are completely allowed and do-able on Keto though.

Other things from last week was I was fighting some vicious allergies still. Chattanooga and pollen are horrible this time of year. So I have been on a combo of allergy meds to be able to function and didn’t have a voice most of the week. I also managed to get bit by a spider…which is ironic because I absolutely hate spiders. So I am also on a week-long course of antibiotics to prevent infection. So for me I am hoping this week is a little better and stronger in the health area of my life. I also made another batch of Ghee over the weekend and even though it takes forever the reward is so worth it…Liquid Gold!

So what is coming up this week with my new experiment! The goal of the experiment is to see if eating earlier in my day and fasting a little longer, as well as tracking my macros again will make a difference. I am looking for results in fat loss, body mass, and increase in sleep patterns as a result of this. I will also be starting to add in some dumbbell workouts to start working on the bat wings on my arms. Which terrifies me as I have not much knowledge when it comes to weights. I plan to take it slow and see where it goes.  I will be providing weekly updates as well as some video commentary on my Instagram account as well. If you want to follow me on Instagram you can find me @charming.confessions.

As far as what I will be eating, I will be doing more of a Keto Carnivore method now. So I will be staying below 10 total carbs a day and focusing on meeting my fat and protein macros. I will be doing 75% fat and 20% protein for the first week. Today will be day number 1 and I actually have planned out a day of zero carbs and only fat and protein, and I plan on not eating after 1 PM today.

I’m very excited to see what comes from this experiment and see if it works better for me than other things I have tried. I really just want to try to keep things as simple as possible and focus on basics. Until next time Keep Ketoing On!


New Experiment Starting April 1st

expHello fellow readers! Hope all of you are having an amazing week and giving it your all. I am still fighting allergies and under the weather but I’m not letting it hold me back. I am still full steam ahead.

I wanted to write for a few and let you all know of a new experiment I will be taking on starting Monday, April 1, 2019. For those who have read my previous blogs you already know I have been experimenting with a version of Keto that is Carnivore based. That has been going really well but results for me have been slower than when I was simply following Keto. I think it has to do a lot with the quantity of protein I have been consuming and still learning the signals from my body when I am really full and when I am hungry just because I’m bored. So I have decided to go back to some basics with a little twist.

Starting Monday, April 1, 2019 I will be changing up my intermittent fasting game to make myself primarily a day time eater. There have been some recent studies that show that individuals who stopped eating by 2PM began to see decrease in body mass as well as an increase in sleep. After reading some of the studies I have become very intrigued on what this could do for me because most days my last meal is between 7-8PM due to work schedules. We as human beings use our sleep cycles to repair our bodies, and if we eat a larger meal late in the day our body has to spend a considerable amount of time digesting as opposed to repairing. With this theory in my head space I want to see what changes I will see by simply changing my eating / fasting cycle.

My plan is to eat in a window of around 4 hours a day and eat no later than 2PM. The rest of my time will be spent fasting, hydrating and resting. I also have decided to go back to tracking my macros. For me I need that comfort of knowing where my ratios are and how they are benefitting me. I think this will help me keep on track and I feel my macros are more than enough to keep me satiated. I plan on weighing and measuring prior to starting and then I will weigh and measure again at the end of April. I also plan on keeping a log of how I feel and how my sleep changed in any way also. As far as adding back any carbs or veg….I’m not sure at this time I think I will just see what my body wants. I do not if I decide to add any in it will be no more than 10 total carbs per day.

I look forward to starting this experiment and sharing my results with everyone. Also feel free to look me up on Instagram @charming.confessions as I will more than likely do some video diaries of my results as well. So until next time Keep Ketoing On!