Monday Madness (publication #4)

Good Morning fellow readers! Welcome to another installment of Monday Madness, and as usual its shaping up to be a crazy one! This Monday seems a little more off to me due to the wonderful time change of the weekend. I enjoy my sleep and even though I got my 7 hours last night I feel like I could use an hour or two more.

First things first I continued on my carnivore experiment last week. Today is day number 39. This Thursday will be 6 weeks since I started. I somehow have managed to not get sick of steak, but have became a chicken hater even more than before. I also tried some breakfast sausage this weekend and it tasted horrible. I am amazed how my palate has changed and how aware I am of the different tastes. My energy levels are still phenomenal and I can feel subtle changes in my body. The scale hasn’t been dropping yet much, but I am not gaining either which I am fine with as my body needs to heal. My unique thing I tried this week was beef heart. Once I got over the idea of what I was eating it actually tasted quite good. It is definitely not something I would eat all the time, but occasionally it may be worth it. As of right now I plan to continue with carnivore at least through the end of the month.

I had planned on doing longer fasts last week, but my body said otherwise. While I still did IF of a minimum of 16 hours each day I did not get any long fasts in. I’m not disappointed in that at all as I was proud I listened to my body and gave it what it needed. I have started to notice the last few days that after I eat my dinner I am a little nauseated. I think this is my bodies way of telling me I’m either eating too much or too late. So this week I want to play around with my second meal and see what I can discover.

I realized this weekend just how much I am missing cooking these days. Carnivore is pretty simple and not much you can do to cook meat. So I may start incorporating more keto veggies for the kids a couple days a week so I can get a little cooking time in. I may also look into some cooking classes just to have the fun and experience.

Other than that my week revolved around work, blogging, my kids, my husband and all the madness that brings together. I did go on a coffee spree last week and tried a few local joints that I had never been too. Less coffee this week for sure and more focus on my body and what it needs. I hope everyone else has a great week and your madness doesn’t get to mad. Until next time Keep Ketoing On!


Monday Madness (publication #3)

Good Monday Morning Everyone! Welcome to another Monday Madness recap. Just like most people out there I had a super crazy week, but it was very productive. So let’s jump right in and run it all down!

So last week I continued on my carnivore experiment. As of today I am 32 days in and still holding strong. The plan is to go a minimum of 42 days (6 weeks) as I have been told by numerous individuals that weeks 4-8 are when you start to see the real benefits. So far my energy level is actually being maintained and my hunger level is decreasing. My fasts are getting easier and longer, actually was able to get two 24 hour fasts in this past week. My sense and smell and taste are also on fire still it’s amazing to say the least. I also dropped another 1.2 pounds when I did my weekly weigh in Sunday, that brings my total loss to 69.8 pounds since starting Keto in May 2018.

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Other changes I have started to notice, is my body shape is changing and becoming more defined in certain areas. I have not added in anything other than the walking I was doing pre-carnivore. I am starting to research some beginner dumbbell work to try and start toning my arms some. My sleep continues to be pretty much 7-8.5 hours a night. I’ve also started to notice some changes in my hair, it is no where near as dry as it use to be so I’ve had to start to try some different hair care products. I also seem to now not like chicken very much. We had wings Saturday night and they just tasted so bland to me. I missed the taste of beef! I am also finding that fattier cuts of pork are a no for me, they don’t sit well on my stomach. So this week will be very heavy in beef variations.

What else will I be adding or I guess I should say taking away this week? I plan on attempting to fast 24 hours every other day starting today. So today I will eat as planned and then I won’t eat again until Tuesday night. I think I will have great success, but at anytime I start to feel hungry you can bet that I will eat. I really listen to my body so much more now than I use to.

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Last week I tried to give up coffee in the afternoon. So I was successful in giving it up Tuesday – Thursday. What I learned was it is not the caffeine I want. I still had tons of energy without the coffee. What I wanted was the flavor of the coffee. Plain and simple I enjoy coffee, so I may be looking at some decaf options for afternoon cups. I did have a very nice cup Friday after work and I enjoyed every single drop! So I don’t see me giving up coffee anytime in the future just maybe removing the caffeine since I don’t need it.

I made my first attempt at reverse searing some steaks last week and I failed! I learned I need to invest in a meat thermometer. I thought I had the perfect medium rare, and unfortunately ended up with more of a rare. My husband thought it was awesome, me not so much. I am just not ready to take the plunge into the rare meat market yet. It intrigues me but my mind still says don’t do it.

Tried some new fatty brisket last week that had some amazing bark and smoke flavoring. I had it twice to be honest! So as much as I love going out to get some we are now researching smokers, because I want to tackle making some myself. There are a couple more joints in town I want to try and then plan on seeing a comparison review of them in the future. If anyone has a super affordable smoker recommendation send it to me!

There will be some great new content coming up this week and I’m excited to share. I also did my first instagram live. I plan on doing more of those and short videos in the future as well. You can find me on instagram at @utevachesser . Looking forward to the week ahead and until next time Keep Ketoing On!

Monday Madness

Welcome to a new and crazy week! I figured I would just start a thing and do a blog on Monday’s recapping my last week and potentially highlighting upcoming topics. So it’s officially Monday Madness!

Last weeks IF Times

Last week was a pretty good week for me. I had some great accomplishments last week! First I met my intermittent fasting goal of a minimum of 16 hours every single day, and even managed to do one extended fast that was right at 27 hours. I felt amazing and clear headed throughout the whole fast. Broke my fast with some eggs, sausage and bacon at one of my favorite local diners City Café.

I also had a little celebration dinner at Jim-N-Nick’s BBQ. I had a plate full of their fatty brisket and to say it was good was an understatement. It was juicy and tender. Had a solid smoke ring and great smoke flavor. It was quite scrumptious and I will definitely be going back for more. So what was I celebrating? For the first time in over five years I am officially back under 200lbs. I weighed in for my monthly weigh in at 197.4lbs. That brings my total weight loss to 68.6 pounds, and my total inches lost to 96.5″.

Last week I also continued on with my keto carnivore experiment. I am 25 days in today and I have had nothing but animal products, water, salt, pepper, and coffee during the experiment. I have discovered so far that I no longer enjoy chicken, except for chicken wings. We made some bacon wrapped chicken thighs and I found the taste to be bland and very appealing. So this week we will be focusing more on red meats and a little pork. I miss spices but will not be adding any back in until after at least 31 days of the challenge. Other things I have noticed besides feeling more satiated is my increase in smell. I can smell things that I could never smell before and it is both pleasant and horrible at the same time. So many things smell good, but I now also smell just how bad some things can smell. The cafeteria at work is not very pleasant most days, lol. My sleep has also improved. I am consistently getting between 7.5-8 hours a night. For the first time in years my digestion has also became more regular and my trips to the restroom less frequent but more productive. My energy levels are starting to increase as well. The first two weeks they were sluggish, but now they have returned to my keto energy perks.

So this week I will continue on my carnivore journey, and continue to dial into my body and become more aware of cues that I am actually hungry and not eating out of habit. I was hoping to be successful at this last week, but think I took the time to evaluate my feelings and let stress guide me a little more than I should have. As mentioned previously there will be no chicken this week, only red meat, pork and I plan to have some fatty salmon as well. I am also going to start eliminating my afternoon cup of coffee, and only have my one cup a day in the morning. Hopefully there is no major impact to lack of caffeine in my body, but I want to see how much energy is coming from the diet and not an added in source.

I would also really enjoy to have comments from you, my readers, on topics you might like to see me write about. I have a list of plenty I want to hit, but also want you to be seeing things you want to see as well. I also would enjoy sharing some success stories. So if you have a story that you would like to share reach out to me and we will work on getting your story out together. So we will call that a wrap for Monday Madness, I hope everyone has an amazing week and Keep Ketoing On!

The F Word….Fasting

Well let’s just jump into this one head first. Fasting aka your starving yourself! I have heard that so many times since I actually started fasting. First and foremost as I have said in previous posts, I am in no way a healthcare professional and you should consult one before trying any new health choice. My general doctor was the first person to actually point me toward fasting because my weight was stalling out, and everything we were trying wasn’t working for me. So I left her office a little discouraged and scared because I’m pretty sure I thought fasting meant starving too! Boy was I wrong!

I went home and immediately started looking for books I could read on the subject I wanted to understand better what I was getting myself into and make sure it was something I could commit to. After hours of searching and reading review I discovered “The Complete Guide to Fasting” by Jason Fung, MD with Jimmy Moore, and from page one of that book my life was forever changed. Dr. Fung opened up a whole new world to me, not only did he open my eyes to the many types and styles of fasting but he opened my eyes to Keto. His word inspired me like no other and I embarked on a journey of trying to get as much information as I could on fasting and keto and how they worked hand in hand.

The majority of the time I participate in something called intermittent fasting which is something we all actually do every night we sleep. IF is any period you go without consuming calories, so most people on average get 7-8 hours fasting between their last meal of the day and their first of the following day. So that is where I started, and then every day I would wait a little longer before I would eat. Then after a couple weeks my first meal became lunch. I’ve stuck with that for the most so on an average day I go 16-18 hours without consuming food. It has gave me more energy and I feel like I am not being controlled by an eating schedule. I simply eat when I get hungry, I have learned to know when my body is hungry and not just bored.

February is right around the corner and it has been deemed intermittent fasting February #FastFeb #IFebruary. This is a great opportunity to learn about fasting and possibly even give it a go. I would highly recommend you get Dr.Fung’s book to say the least. And for those who are participating happy fasting my friends!