friendly friday

Friendly Friday (publication #8)

Welcome to another publication of Friendly Friday! Today I want to talk about something I have always wanted to do, but every time I try I seem to fail. The important part is I never give up and I keep on trying.

This tasks seems minimal compared to others I am sure but I have always struggled with planning and organizing. Since a very young age I have been more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. I’ve never been one for following schedules. When I go on vacation I prefer the untraveled path. I live for that adventure and that thrill. At the same time I know there are certain aspects of life that I can’t really do that in: bills, appointments, family events, etc.

So I am currently operating out of two different planners. One for my finances and one for everything else. Now I am getting ready to add homeschooling and lesson planning to the mix. So I am looking for my ultimate way to take all of that and put it into one. Let me tell you not happening yet! I keep looking and deciding and trying to plan my planning. Instead I just need to sit down and do it!

In addition to my planning struggles I struggle the same when it comes to organization. Hands down if it wasn’t for my daughter Salali I would have the most disorganized house ever. My kitchen will probably implode when she moves out in a couple years. I have zero ability when it comes to making things fit and function together. I see such cute ideas on line but I can never get them to work out. I buy groceries and look at the fridge like these won’t fit, yet she comes in and in five minutes they all fit and in an orderly fashion that makes perfect sense.

So there you have it in a nut shell. I am not a great planner or organizer, but I still continue to try my best. Who knows maybe one day it will click and then again maybe it won’t. Either way it is a great lesson in being persistent and trying your best! Until next time… What’s your confession?


Friendly Friday (Publication #7)

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have had a week filled with joy and love. In todays publication of Friendly Friday I decided I wanted to share with you the story behind my name.

I have a very unique name and as I child I absolutely hated it, as an adult I couldn’t love it more. My first name is Uteva (pronounced Most people try to over pronounce it and others won’t even try. So I am probably just as use to going by my last name as anyone else would be to going their first. I went through the majority of my younger year not knowing what it even meant.

So the name was actually the name of a young lady that my mother went to middle school with. She told her that if she ever had a daughter she was going to name her Uteva and so she did. When I became old enough to know the story and the name all I knew was the name was of Native American descent. You could search it and research it and I could never find what it meant. So I always felt a little left out in school when kids talked about the meanings of their names.

Fast forward to the age of sixteen. I went to a science/environmental camp (yes I was some what of a nerd) and one of the presenters was of Native American descent and studied all the different tribes. This was my one chance to maybe find the answer to my question. So after his presentation I went up to him and talked to him. I think he was almost as excited as me to be answering my question. Turns out the name is from the Cherokee tribe and actually mean a”Wonder Spirit”! How awesome is that. I fell in love with my name the day I found out it’s meaning and I have loved it ever since. It was like I was destined to be something wonderful before I even existed.

So I treasure my name and in tradition I actually gave both of my daughters unique Native American names as well. I hope that when they are older if they have children and its a girl they continue on with that as well. Having that unique name just helps solidify that you are one of a kind no matter what and you are you inside and out. To this day I think that is one of the reasons I don’t mind being different or marching to my own drum.

Anyway a short and sweet tid bit about me today. Until next time….What’s Your Confession?

Friendly Friday (publication #6)

Happy Friday fellow readers! Another day behind us and a new day upon us. Let us all live today for the greatness that it has within it. In today’s publication of Friendly Friday I want to talk about some of the inspirations in my life. These are people that have inspired me that I have never met, but they have done something that sparked something in me.

When I was growing up for as long as I can remember every Friday night my parents got together with their friends played cards and we watched horror movies. I loved the adrenaline rush of being scared, and to this day I still thoroughly enjoy a good horror movie or story. That enjoyment of horror lead me to an Author/Artist/Cinematographer by the name of Clive Barker. In high school I discovered his writing not even realizing he was behind some of my favorite horror movies. The first book I ever read of his is called Weaveworld. Never in my life have I read a book that took me from where I was sitting and I actually felt like I was inside this world he created. I didn’t put that book down or sleep for two days to finish it. I then embarked on a journey to read as much of his material as I could and then I discovered everything else he performed. His words on paper inspired me to want to write my own stories, and I’ve never stopped writing since then. There are very few famous people in this world that I would actually get excited about meeting, but this man would be and had been #1 on my list since I was 13 years old. An opportunity to meet him and talk to him would be more valuable than anything I could imagine.

The artist in me has always loved all the greats. There are so many that are so talented I don’t know how you really pick just one, but I did. For me my artistic inspiration comes from MC Escher. He s a dutch graphic artist that actually used math to inspire his work. While I don’t enjoy math I enjoy the geometry and repetition in his work. He had such amazing lines that were so clear yet so fluid at the same time. I carry that over into a lot of my abstract pieces. I want you to be able to flow through the painting or draw and line and stop if you want to. To have art speak to you is a profound thing and his speaks to me deeply and means something to me. His favorite piece of work for me is called Reality and Illusion.

These two really are what inspire me with my current writing and art and those two things are super important to me in my life. I have other lesser inspirations as well and I may share those another day. I also have people that are in my life on a daily basis that inspire me and that will also be for another time. Until next time…What’s your confession.

Friendly Friday (publication #5)

Happy Friday fellow readers! Another week in the book yeah baby! Life is trucking along and I’m alive so that is the most important thing. I can work on all the other things along the way.

This week I thought I would share with you random (although probably useless) facts about me. I want you as your readers to have the opportunity to better understand who I am. As always never be afraid to ask questions, as I am not afraid to answer so here we go:

  1. My favorite color is turquoise! I own way to many pieces of clothing in this color and usually have to force myself away from it. I find peace and calming in it.
  2. If I could go anywhere I would go to Croatia! Croatia has been on my bucket list for over ten years. I want to go there and hike and see all the beauty it has to offer.
  3. My best friend is my husband Tanner! They say you should marry your best friend I did!
  4. If I could have any wish it would be for peace and understanding in all things I do and that are around me. Kind of cheesy but really that makes me the happiest.
  5. I personally don’t care for watching TV or movies. There are a handful I watch and most of it centers around cooking. I just find it to be non-stimulating and that’s not for me, but I do have a lazy Sunday every now and then that is movie filled.
  6. My favorite place to hang out is any coffee shop. I love the ambience a coffee shop offers not to mention they offer my favorite beverage. I am more a less a coffee snob though I have my faves.
  7. My number one vice (even on Keto) is dark chocolate. I am a sucker for an amazing chocolate bar and the darker the better. I currently have an eye on a couple that haven’t made it to market yet!
  8. My number one thing I am afraid of is spiders! I hate everything about them, and I’m so afraid of them that I can’t even kill one. I know they serve there purpose but just to creepy crawly for me.
  9. I have one sister and was an only child for 11 years of my life. She has grown into a wonderful young women and is chasing her dreams. Miss her like crazy though since we don’t live close to each other.
  10. I’m a super short I come in at a towering 5’4” and glad to have a 6’ 3” husband to reach the top shelf for me once in my life.
  11. My eyes are my favorite trait. They are super dark brown and the capture the every essence of my soul.
  12. My favorite food is hands down brisket. I could eat brisket 7 days a week since I discovered it.
  13. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. The combination of cooking and getting friends and family together make me so happy. I could honestly serve dinner for anyone friend or not I love it that much!
  14. I was born on July 13th and both my daughters are July babies as well. I love when my birthday hits Friday the 13th it makes it extra spooktacular!
  15. My favorite number is the number 7. All because I was born on the 7th month at 7:30PM and weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces.

So there you have it 15 random and crazy facts all about me. I hope you enjoyed and just as a reminder feel free to ask questions.

Friendly Friday (publication #4)

Happy Friday fellow readers! I hope everyone has had an amazing week. For today’s publication of Friendly Friday I wanted to introduce you to things that I enjoy to do when I have some down time.

My number one go to is writing. Who would have guessed a blogger would like to write. I found my love of writing when I was eleven years old. My sixth grade English teacher inspired me and I never looked back. By the age of thirteen I had written my first full novel. It was never published by I still have it and shockingly it’s 95% hand written. I’ve written numerous short stories, poems, and even had an interpretation piece published when I was in college. It doesn’t matter if I am typing or writing physically it brings peace to me to put my thoughts in word form. I am hoping to work on a book in the near future and actually may pursue publishing this one since it means so much to me. In conjunction with my writing I also have a journal and pen collection, a writer can never have enough of either.

My number two go to is painting. Specifically acrylic painting. I love the feel of paint going onto a canvas. I especially like the way a painting can catch my emotions in the moment. While I prefer a more abstract method, I can also paint real things too. Things I try to stay away from….people. Unless you want to be a silhouette or a blob I don’t have that kind of talent. I could paint for hours on hours and never get bored. Some of my work is available for sale and has a page here on my site for anyone who is interested.

My number three go to is coffee on my back deck early in the morning. This is the most peaceful and quiet moment I get most days and I savor every time I get to experience it. The sun shining, the birds singing, my favorite mug and my endless thoughts. I often share those moments with my husband as well, but its the moments I do this alone that I find a little piece of me and bring it to life. My back deck is my happy place without a doubt, and coffee is a piece of me as well.

In a nut shell these are the things outside of my family that make me happy and make me who I am. These are my joys and bring me my inspirations. I encourage all of you to find something in your life that does the same, and until next time…Keep Ketoing On!

Friendly Friday (publication #3)

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to another publication of Friendly Friday. Today I want to introduce you to the last big part of my life. The part that ties it all together and makes it complete…my husband, Tanner!

I met Tanner five and half years ago and my life has never been the same. When I found him or he found me depending on how you look at, we changed each others life for the better. We complement each other so well and often even find ourselves thinking the same thing or finishing each others sentences. Never has someone had such a profound impact on my life and my children’s as well.

Tanner became a loving father of three over night. He stepped up to the challenge and wrapped all three kids around his finger. I got to watch his heart open and grow with each and everyone of them. The more his love grew for the kids the more my love grew for him as well.

We have our ups and downs like any marriage does, but we have a constant love that doesn’t end. We work on our problems and battle through them and don’t just give up. He is my husband, my life long companion and my best friend.

He has been my rock since day one of meeting and I am just as much equally his rock. We do our best to support each other and help each other through life. When it comes down to it a night on my back deck with him and some music is more satisfying than anything else I can think of. He is my person.

Until next week…..

Friendly Friday (publication #2)

Happy, happy Friday! It’s been a blessed day and and busy one. Today’s addition of Friendly Friday is all about the other kids in my life…my fur babies. If it was up to me I would probably own a small zoo, and in some ways I do have a one.

I have always had a passion and admiration of animals. In my opinion there is nothing like a love an animal has for it’s owner. I honestly can not remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a pet. I have had dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, birds and fish. They all meant something to me on a different level. I can come home after having a bad day and my dog will be there wagging his tail and loving me with every wag.

So without further ado let me introduce you to my fur babies. All of my fur babies have been rescued and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to give them their best life.

My fur babies

On the top right we have Kismit. Kismit is the newest addition to our family. We found her around six months ago in our back years. She was filthy and terrified and fit in my hand. We recently had lost an outdoor cat we had for a few years, so we named her Kismit since we thought it was meant to be that we have her.

Directly below her is my baby Loki. I have had Loki for about a year and he was rescued from a house fire. His name is the most fitting as he is the most mischievous cat I have ever owned. He is also referred to as my third dog. He fetches, does tricks and follows me everywhere. He even has to go to bed with me at night.

Below him is Penny. Penny was our second cat we ever got and was a barn cat rescue. She is also frequently known as princess fluffy butt. She is very much a solo traveler who sticks to herself. She will let you know when she wants attention and other than that you need to leave her to her own.

On the top left is Sheldon. Sheldon was our first cat rescue and he is a lover. He is pretty much my daughter, Salali’s cat. He follows her everywhere and cries for her when she is gone. He is also very nurturing and fathering to all the other cat’s in the house.

Below him is my dog Sampson. Sampson was rescued when he was 6 months old. If there was ever a dog that was supposed to be mine it is him. He is very attached to me and has bad anxiety when I am gone. We comfort one another and he makes my world a brighter place. He is also super smart and loves to do tricks for treats.

Last but far from least is Delilah. We rescued Delilah to give Sampson a companion and friend to play with. I think she ended up rescuing my husband though. She is his without a doubt. She is all legs and super goofy. She fits in perfect in our lives.

So there you have it, my miniature zoo! I love all my fur babies and would have more if I could. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Until next week…..