Happy Tuesday fellow readers. I hope that everyone is having a marvelous day! If you are not take a minute for yourself and remind yourself of all the good in your life and that you are here another day, find your positivity and let it grow! Today I want to share with you my first yoga experience.

I have been wanting to try yoga for several months and I really wanted my spouse to go with me. Let me tell you that convincing a 6’3″ good ol’ Texas boy that he can go bend in various poses and learn to breath is not an easy selling point. I did not let that stop my determination. So I decided to google search for couples yoga in my area, well I found my golden ticket and it wasn’t even for couples. Enter stage left…. Brewga! What is Brewga you ask it was a yoga class being offered at a local studio that at the end of the class you also got to try some local craft beer….SOLD! My husband enjoys beer this was my chance. I made the call, baited him in and ta da yoga class scheduled.

So our yoga experience was scheduled at a local studio here in Chattanooga TN by the name of Thrive Yoga and Wellness. Located in East Brainerd it is a small quaint studio that is super welcoming. From the moment we walked through the door owner and instructor Jennifer Dixon made sure we felt welcome. Her spouse gave us a tour of the facility before the class began. They have very spacious and comfy yoga rooms, lockers for your personal belongings, and even a small store in the front with some various products. I was excited to see such a variety of individuals there for the special event and the fact that my husband and I were not the only first timers. A bonus note there was more than one guy in attendance! This particular class had a guest instructor. His name is Johnny Martin and he has a yoga group for children called the Young Yogaletts. He has a very unique teaching style and believe in core works importance in developing the rest of your body.

I had yoga completely wrong in my head. I was thinking peaceful and relaxing with stretches, and while I am new to the art I am sure there are types out there that this statement pertains to. This class was far from that and in more ways than one I am glad it was. This class centered around a ton of core work. I was soaked from working so hard within 15 minutes. The most awesome thing I learned was I can plank for way longer than I thought I could and with minimal effort. There were a few things that I struggles with, but the majority of it I hung in with those way more skilled than me. Johnny really pushed your body and I liked that about the class. It taught me something about myself. He also brought an ease to the room and did a great job of keeping us all focused in on our breathing in conjunction with our movements. It was very controlled and relaxing yet intense at the same time.

While I was enjoying the challenge I couldn’t help but think that my husband had done checked himself out and moved on. I would never get him back in a yoga class again. I am proud to say I was very wrong about that! Even though he thought he was going to die he really enjoyed how the class challenged him. He talked about it all weekend long and shockingly I have convinced him we need to do more yoga.

Post yoga experience we all got to gather in the lobby and enjoy some beer from local beer crafter Sigler’s Craft Beer. They had a few different options and I would like to say the pale ale I sampled was quite delightful. Our class ended at 7:30 and it was almost 8:30 before we left the studio. We had great conversations with all those in attendance as well as the instructor and owner. I have never been good at speaking with strangers but this was a great experience and I found it to be so easy to talk to all of them. The studio, the owner, and everything else about that night was great. I felt like I had been attending the studio for years even though it was only a few short hours.

The next morning I figured I would not be able to move from all the hard work, and while I was a touch sore I felt wonderful. I felt revived and awake and that my body actually enjoyed what it has experienced. So tonight my husband and I are off to our second class. This one won’t be as extreme as the last, but I am quite certain that it will be as exhilarating. Tonight we will be focusing more on getting our bodies in balance and our breathing. I am very curious to compare the two and I really want to experience all the different forms of yoga. We are also discussing attending one of the yoga with hit classes as well.

So I encourage you if you have been questioning doing yoga to try it! I really think you will enjoy it and if you live in the Chattanooga area I highly recommend Thrive Yoga and Wellness to be a part of your yoga family. Until next time….What is Your Confession?