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Our mind is a super powerful part of our existence. Our mind easily controls us and if we let it,  it will without a doubt lead us how it wants to. Here is a perfect example of this. Imagine being a child and all your parents fed you were hamburgers and french-fries. You associate this two foods as being yummy and you enjoy them. Then one day your mom puts brussels sprouts in front of you, and your brain says warning because you have never seen it. So without even tasting it you immediately don’t like it because your brain says it’s different. You have to make a choice: 1. listen to your brain or 2. Take a chance and try it and tell your brain hush. If you took the chance you may have found you actually liked the brussels sprouts and now you have taken control of your mind and taught it to like something new.

The same kind of routine happens whenever we want to jump into a new diet or new lifestyle. This is also why so many of us fail when we attempt to do so. Are mind forms intricate habits and we have to basically do something repeatedly to re-write it with a new habit. Someone who ate a cupcake everyday at three o’clock for ten years if going to have to work very hard to override that craving with something new at 3 o’clock everyday until the mind says oh I get it! Does that mean in time you will completely forget about the cupcake? No the cupcake will always be there you just replaced it with a new habit, you have to remain focused to make it stick. Otherwise you would easily just go back to the cupcake.

So every person that wants to change their way of eating (woe) has to make sure they are in the right headspace to achieve their goals. You have to remain focused and also realistic with your goals. I just didn’t wake up one day and say ok Keto let’s do this. I had to know it would work for me. I had to do research and make sure I could handle such a drastic change.

Then there is the fact that when you jump in it is nothing but pure hell. I have never felt so sick in my entire life. Sugar withdrawal is no joke folks. Had I not been in the right headspace I wouldn’t have made it through that first week. I would have had a bite of brownie and fell off the wagon. There were so many intense cravings in the beginning but I told my brain no we ate not doing that anymore. In return my new habits have replaced my old and I feel amazing for it. If I had not prepared myself and jumped in though I would have never made it.

You really have to commit yourself to changes, and make sure your in the headspace to do it. If your giving up chocolate you need to make sure you can resist it every time you stand in a checkout at the grocery store, because chocolate isn’t going away but your desire to want it can. Just remind yourself it takes 21 days to change a habit!!!