Happy Friday fellow readers! I hope everyone has had an amazing week. For today’s publication of Friendly Friday I wanted to introduce you to things that I enjoy to do when I have some down time.

My number one go to is writing. Who would have guessed a blogger would like to write. I found my love of writing when I was eleven years old. My sixth grade English teacher inspired me and I never looked back. By the age of thirteen I had written my first full novel. It was never published by I still have it and shockingly it’s 95% hand written. I’ve written numerous short stories, poems, and even had an interpretation piece published when I was in college. It doesn’t matter if I am typing or writing physically it brings peace to me to put my thoughts in word form. I am hoping to work on a book in the near future and actually may pursue publishing this one since it means so much to me. In conjunction with my writing I also have a journal and pen collection, a writer can never have enough of either.

My number two go to is painting. Specifically acrylic painting. I love the feel of paint going onto a canvas. I especially like the way a painting can catch my emotions in the moment. While I prefer a more abstract method, I can also paint real things too. Things I try to stay away from….people. Unless you want to be a silhouette or a blob I don’t have that kind of talent. I could paint for hours on hours and never get bored. Some of my work is available for sale and has a page here on my site for anyone who is interested.

My number three go to is coffee on my back deck early in the morning. This is the most peaceful and quiet moment I get most days and I savor every time I get to experience it. The sun shining, the birds singing, my favorite mug and my endless thoughts. I often share those moments with my husband as well, but its the moments I do this alone that I find a little piece of me and bring it to life. My back deck is my happy place without a doubt, and coffee is a piece of me as well.

In a nut shell these are the things outside of my family that make me happy and make me who I am. These are my joys and bring me my inspirations. I encourage all of you to find something in your life that does the same, and until next time…Keep Ketoing On!