Monday Madness (publication #14)

Welcome back to another publication of Monday Madness. Not much madness here this Monday morning, but it’s another chance to have another great week. Last week was super busy, stressful and dis-heartening. So I have high hopes that this week will not be like that.

I really struggled last week and I am struggling writing this today. I wish that everything was 100% positive all the day and I could just share those moments, but that is not real. Life isn’t perfect and it is not always positive. I have been struggling to get my head above water and find that positivity. I even took a break from social media the majority of the weekend.

One thing that has been effecting me horribly is my sleep. I am just not sleep well at all. When I get stressed and life throws rocks at me my sleep suffers. I have learned that my optimal range of sleep is no less than 7 hours a night. I have not been getting anywhere close to that for the last 2 weeks, and it is taking it’s toll on me. I just feel ran down and tired, and I am almost positive that a big portion of that is due to cortisol spikes.

I have also been struggling with binge eating a lot in the past week. I wanted to find comfort so I turned toward my old friend food. Now I by no means went carb crazy or dove off the deep end, but I did eat way past my satiety level. A couple of times to the point that I gave myself a stomach ache. I am very depressed by the fact that I let this happen, but I also know it will help me heal to share with you and others that my struggles are very real.

It has also been almost a month since I have weighed and measured, and boy do I wish I would not have. I have gained four pounds and 6.25 inches back. That is a hard pill to digest when I was losing quite regularly and still have quiet a bit of a ways to go as far as loss is concerned. Now part of that gain could be muscle which is good. So I had to keep telling myself yesterday that the scale is evil and not to give up, because boy did I want to give up. I am glad to say I didn’t and while I did overeat yesterday, I am 20 hours into a fast today and feeling pretty good about it.

I’m battling a lot of inner demons right now in my personal life and it is just like all the flood gates came open at once and I’m drinking more water than I am treading. I have to take time for myself in the next few weeks and really start to learn how to better deal with my stresses. I also think I need to revisit what I am eating and how I am approaching things. I feel I am venturing too far away from my comfort and what makes me happy, what was working for me. I need to search for my bigger why.

No matter what my inner demons are doing to me I refuse to give up. I will never go back to a high carb lifestyle. I have cured too many things by giving up carbs. I just have to find the right things for me and the right people to keep me motivated toward my goals. Next week will be my one year Keto anniversary, and I plan to celebrate every pound I have lost and every disease I have cured. I promise to give my best self to all of you, but also promise to keep it real and show you there are struggles for all of us along the way. Until next time….Keep Ketoing On!


Blurring The Lines of Food

Happy Wednesday! Fellow readers we have made it through half this crazy week, and I for one am doing great at finding positivity throughout it. For those of you who are struggling with that seek it out with purpose and you will be glad you did. Today I want to talk about something we are all guilty of, blurring the lines of what foods are and what they are intended for.

We all have been drilled for years that we need fruits and veggies, grains, and proteins, and fat is bad. Told that we can’t eat this and we have to eat that. Then we stumble onto keto or carnivore and we got through it all again. You can’t eat that that it’s not keto, if you eat that your not carnivore. So many people being told no and how to do it when we are all individuals and we need to do the following: 1. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU 2. STOP COMPARING YOUR CHOICES TO OTHERS 3. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE FOR YOU NO ONE ELSE.

Three things that we all need to tell ourselves every single day, and for some of us we need to say it way more than once a day. There is so much misinformation on the internet, and so many people who think they are experts. I can sit here with you every single day and tell you of my successes and be a guiding light, but I am no expert and it is not my job to tell you you are eating the wrong things. It is my job to support you and guide you to better choices, and choices that will work for you and how they fit in your best life.

Here is a perfect example. Fruit is not keto friendly. Total and complete lie. There are fruits that are higher carb and fruits that are lower carb. Depending on your carb restriction and how you react to fruit you can enjoy it. Many people on Keto find that berries work well. Here is another shocker an avocado is a fruit! You tell someone on keto they can’t have an avocado and you might want to run. Same things go for vegetables. Another one that is commonly misidentified is peanuts. Peanuts are not nuts at all they are actually in the legume family and for a lot of people they are inflammatory, but that doesn’t mean they are for everyone.

Take some time to really research your food. Don’t just determine what food group it belongs time. Really dig in and understand what if any nutrients you are getting from the food. Take the time to write down how you feel after you consume certain foods. Try an elimination diet if you suspect something in your diet is bothering you. If you don’t eat that food for a couple weeks and you feel better, and then you re-introduce it and you feel bad again chance are you just need to avoid it. Don’t look at food as bad or good, look at it as a source of nutrients and nothing more.

So the next time someone tells you not to eat that or your can’t eat that, tell them to piss off! Then remind yourself you are living your best you, and you want to take the time and look up why that person thinks you don’t need it. Most importantly until next time…Keep Ketoing On!

Yes You Can!

Happy Thursday fellow readers! So I have seen a lot of talk in the last few weeks about individuals saying your are doing great, but I can’t do that. I am hearing an abundance of can’t instead of yes. I use to be in that same group, but not anymore so I wanted a chance to talk to you about changing your outlook on things.

First, how do you know you can’t? Do you really have a legitimate reason to say you can’t or are you saying that because someone else put that in your head. Very few people actually have a legitimate reason to utter the word I can’t. The real and honest truth is your being reserved and you won’t. Something or someone is holding you back and it saddens me to think you are living that way. You need to take control of your life and instead of saying can’t how about saying I will try, and then progress even further and say I WILL DO IT!

Believe me when I tell you I was a leader of the I can’t club at one point in my life. I felt that everything I enjoyed I couldn’t do because I didn’t know how to do it or I didn’t know how to fit it into my life. I can’t sell a painting because who would buy it? I can’t write a blog who would read it? I can’t write a book! I can’t inspire others! All of these went in circles in my head constantly. All of these things are things that I believe in and things I have a passion for, but I was letting my worry of others opinions get in way of my happiness. I was letting people that I don’t even know weigh me down and keep me from my creativity and my passions.

So what changed? I woke up one day and realized I had so much negativity in my life that there was no way I could live my own life and ever be happy. So a day at a time I started looking for positivity and over the past few years of my life I have found some great people that inspire me to be me and chase after what I want. I now have the blog I have always wanted. I have put my paintings out there for the world to see and purchase. I have started a book. I have started taking steps to do what I love and teach what I believe in to inspire others. Am I making millions and rich from all of this, to be honest I haven’t made a dime, but I am so happy with what I am doing! I love sharing me with anyone and everyone. I enjoy being a positive step in the right direction for myself. I enjoy the simple things in life all thanks to the smallest changes. I’m thankful to be alive and be happy.

To tell yourself you can’t is plain and simple bullshit! I’m sorry for my language but that it how I feel about it. I will never tell myself that I can’t again. I may try and fail, and I may discover thing that are not for me but I will never not try! I can do what I want because I believe in me and who I am and what I want. If someone else doesn’t believe in me then I won’t let them be a part of my life. I refuse to allow negativity in, and when it tries to creep in anyway I take time to refocus and restart, because I don’t want to carry that with me.

Start small if you have to, but promise yourself your start trying and saying I will and eliminate the I can’t from your life. A great rule of thumb is eliminate the word from your vocabulary completely. If you really have to say no to something don’t say I can’t do that, instead try saying not today but how about next week. Then you didn’t say you couldn’t you just made it clear it didn’t work in your life at the moment but you also committed to doing it in the near future. That doesn’t mean keep putting it off either, remember we are never promised a tomorrow!

I can, YOU CAN, we all can! Remember that and remind yourself that every single day, and until next time…..Keep Ketoing On!

I’ll Get To It Tomorrow

Happy Tuesday fellow readers! I hope everyone is having an amazing day. Today I want to talk about something I am super guilty of and need to change in my life. I’ve been working very hard this year on this specific item. I am notorious, as are many people, for putting off things until tomorrow or the weekend. We all need to stop doing that!

All too often I think we all find ourselves either living in the past or focusing on the future. The problem with that is we tend to overlook or miss what is right in front us. We miss opportunities to be great and do great things because all our energy and focus is elsewhere. We also put off so many things that we could do now for another day. Well news flash…..YOU ARE NOT PROMISED TOMORROW!

Ask yourself what are you doing in your life to better your chance of reaching all those future things you keep dreaming of, or things you want to do but keep hesitating? Start taking action, and stop saying I’ll do it tomorrow! Now I fully understand that there are things that you just can’t drop what your doing and do them, and they take some planning. The problem is your not planning and your not doing anything to get to that thing. A great example is you want to take a trip some place. So start saving a small amount of money each week, make a list of what you need for that trip, and start planning it. Don’t wait until you have more money or more time or you may never get there. Live in the moment and start doing things today to get there.

Think of smaller things in your life. How many times has a friend called and said let’s go to this concert, and you really wanted to go but you had to work the next day and would be home late so even though you wanted to go you said no. Why? You missed an opportunity for no good reason at all. You could have still went and had an amazing time, and recovered later. You put something you would have enjoyed on hold for something that you may only do as a means to live. We all really need to start balancing things in our lives better so that we enjoy the things we want and not make excuses to miss those things. Who says you can’t go out on a Tuesday night? If you want to then do it! You may not have another Tuesday night. We need to embrace our lives and and our opportunities and quit holding ourselves back.

Often I think we put off things in our lives because of the people that our in our lives. Well I’m here to say if someone is working against your goals or dreams in your life, or making you hesitate REMOVE them from your life. You do not need that negativity and it is effecting you more than it will ever effect them. It is your life, live it to your fullest in order to find the happiest path and don’t let anyone impede that.

I’ve said for years that I was going to start a blog, write a book, sell my artwork, and help others. The problem was I never acted on that I just kept saying it. Well that changed this year for me because I asked myself one question…what am I waiting for? It doesn’t matter if I have one reader or a thousand readers. What matters to me is I am doing something I love, something I have dreamed of doing, and something most importantly that make me happy. I want to take this approach with so many more things in my life. I want to live for me and live for today! When I find peace within that I feel that true happiness and greatness will follow and come into my life when they are ready to join my party.

So stop telling yourself that you will get to it tomorrow, ask yourself why you can’t just do it today? Embrace your dreams and take them with you and quit looking back, just focus on today and what you can do with today….and until next time Just Keep Ketoing On!

I’m Not Losing Weight!

Stupid Scale!

Happy Wednesday fellow readers! I hope everyone has had a great week so far, and you continue marching through your week with your head held high and the positivity flowing. Today I wanted to discuss something I hear all the time. So many people get stuck on the fact that a box on the floor is giving you a number and that number is not changing.

First and foremost Keto is NOT a weight loss diet! Keto is a low carb, high fat diet that reduces inflammation. A side effect for many people who do Keto is weight loss. That is not the case for every single person that follow the ketogenic lifestyle and that side effect is different for every single person. There are numerous medical conditions and environmental factors that will heavily influence how fast weight will drop if it drops at all. On the other side of it if you are already at your ideal body weight Keto isn’t going to make you shrink away to nothing, but it is going to help tone up and give you a ton of other benefits.

Secondly, the scale is the cruelest pieces of equipment you can ever own. It lies! I have seen that scale tell me for weeks I have lost no weight or maybe even gained a little….here is the problem with that. You are possibly losing inches or building muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so you can lose five pounds of fat and still gain weight because you put on 7 pounds of muscle, which means the scale is going to say you gained 2 pounds. It is so important while on your journey to take pictures and do measurements! Those pictures and those measurements will show you more progress than that scale ever will.

Third, are you tracking what your eating and are you being honest with what you are eating? Start looking at everything your putting in your body. Decide if it is the best choice for you or if you think it is negatively influencing your progress. If you have to do a few days of an elimination diet. For example if you go one whole week with no heavy whipping cream and you feel better and your inflammation is reduced and all of sudden the scale dropped a pound, you may need to consider eliminating heavy whipping cream from your diet. Ask yourself if your eating whole foods that are healthy or foods that have ingredient lists that are a mile long. Are you counting net carbs or total carbs? Spend a few days tracking everything you eat and drink and when you do it and then start dissecting it to see where you could improve.

Fourth, you are 100% positive that you are doing everything right and your not seeing results. Talk to your health care provider! You may have some underlying issue that is hindering your progress. There are certain medical diagnosis and certain medications that can make your body fight weight loss. Now if you are not overweight and the scale is not moving and your doing everything right…..maybe you don’t need to lose the weight and your body is telling you I’m good right where I am at!

Fifth, no matter what the circumstance is for your weight not dropping do NOT let it frustrate you. You didn’t gain it in a day your not going to lose it in a day. STOP comparing your losses to others, your body is yours and can not be compared to anyone else. Keto in time will help you reach your bodies ideal weight, but it needs time to heal the damage that is already there. I promise outside of a side effect of weight loss Keto will bring far better benefits to your life. Energy, mental clarity, better focus, reduction in medication, and an overall community that will love and support you on your journey. Don’t let a useless box that gives you a random number control you and keep you from all the benefits, and until next time Keep Ketoing On!

Monday Madness (publication #10)

Good Monday Morning Everyone! I hope everyone that was celebrating the Easter holiday had a blessed weekend among family and/or friends. If you didn’t celebrate Easter I hope you still had an amazing weekend! I have lot’s to share with you from last week and my weekend.

So my April experiment of not eating after 2 PM pretty much was a failure and I decided it was not benefiting my body the way I wanted it to. I found myself even after having a very nice and well balanced lunch wanting to have some small snack in the evening when I got home. Since I am such a big advocate for listening to your body I didn’t deny my body what I wanted. So I think for optimization purposes for myself I need to have a larger meal around lunch and a small meal in the evening. I can say by only having a small snack in the evenings it has been easier to get myself into bed and sleep a little better without an overly full stomach. So my n=1 study at this time is inconclusive. Who knows I may try later in my journey again but I can’t say for certain.

Even though the experiment was a bust I was able to maintain my weight last week and I did lose 3″ in my waist/hip region. I will take inches over pounds any day of the week! I also was able to get into a size 14 dress!!!!! I have not seen a size 14 for over 13 years! So as far as I am concerned the scale can kiss off and I’ll keep adding up those inches lost!

I have been faithful to my 21 day arm sculpting challenge and finished day 21 yesterday. I have started to get a tiny bit of definition in my arms but I still have a very long road to get all the fat off my arms. I am 100% fine with that. So tomorrow I will start another 21 day challenge and up the amount of weight I am lifting as well as the amount of sets I am doing. Slow and steady will get me to where I want to be and I am good with that.

With any holiday comes temptations of non-Keto foods. I am proud to say that I did not stray from my carnivore diet this weekend as tempting as some of those sweets looked. I just kept telling myself that I choose not to put that into my body and I choose not to have the negative side effects of what it would do to me. I did indulge in a couple low carb beers and I am fine with that. I feel fine this morning and I will make sure that I hydrate well all day. I should add that in addition to a couple of those beers I also had over 100 ounces of water yesterday. It was also great to enjoy the holiday with friends that respected our diet choices and accommodated them so well. All in all I would consider my weekend another day of success in my journey.

I was also excited that over the weekend I got in my new business cards. I now have a card that I can leave in local shops to spread my blog and various other social media pages. If it helps me reach even one person it is worth it. My husband was also gracious enough to allow me to plaster a Charming Confessions bumper sticker to his car. I am working hard to share my messages and grow my brand.

This week I will have some added in stressors at work, but I am prepared to take them on. I have already came up with an after work meditation routine to relax myself and help keep my cortisol levels down. I am fairly new to meditating and I am trying to expand what works best for me and how I want to utilize it. Stress has been a huge factor of negativity in my life and I trying to turn that around and flood my life with as much positivity as possible. I even took the weekend off away from my blog and most of my social media and just tried to enjoy life and what was around me for a change. It was definitely worth it.

I plan to be adding a couple new pages to the site in the upcoming weeks as well. Some of you may know and others not but in addition to writing I’m a painter. I have decided to start sharing my art work on my site as it is special to me and a piece of me I want to share with everyone. I also am working on some coaching plans and meal plans that I will be offering in the near future. It’s a pleasure to be able to grown in the presence of my readers.

That is about it for my crazy week last week, and a little peak into my upcoming week. So until next time….Keep Ketoing On!

Happy Easter!

Happy, happy, happy FRIDAY!!! I hope all of my fellow readers have had an amazing day. It has been a super long week and I can talk more about that on Monday in the next publication of Monday Madness. Today I wanted to take a break from all the teaching and preaching and send everyone a positive message for the weekend.

Rather you are working this weekend, off this weekend, spending time with family, or having a huge Easter celebration I want to wish you positive vibes and happy moments! Take time this weekend and remind yourself that you are loved and you are alive! Don’t let anyone take that away from you and if they try tell the to %i#s OFF! Until next week…..Keep Ketoing On!