Health First

Happy Tuesday all. I hope you are having a great week. It is a blazing hot one here in Chattanooga but its absolutely gorgeous! Today I want to talk about the importance of health.

So when it comes to health we can think of hundreds of different things. I want to specifically discuss the importance of health associated with diet. First off, disclaimer, I am not a medical professional and I am not offering any medical advice. The following content is of my own opinion and own experiences/beliefs nothing more.

In no way, shape or form will a singular diet work for health improvement for every single person. We are all so different from one another biologically speaking that just because something works for me does not mean it will work for you. A great example is that some people are allergic to eggs and can’t consume them. I can consume them just fine. That is because we are different. That is also the reason why there are so many different versions and methods of doing Keto or any other lifestyle diet. A great example of this is that my husband and I both started keto together; however, if I would have ate what he was eating it is highly unlikely I would have had the results I have had. In reverse had he ate what I ate he would have failed because it would have left him feeling hungry.

I hear so many people say you can’t do that it’s not keto. Well who are you the keto police? You can eat anything you want on a keto diet as long as you are eating whole and healthy foods. If you are avoiding grains, sugars, and processed junk you are well on your way to a keto diet. There are optimal keto foods but that doesn’t mean you can’t have something not on the list. For example if you can fit a small portion of sweet potato into your macros and you feel fine eating the sweet potato and it doesn’t spike your blood sugar then you can have it. Now if you can’t control the portion or if you eat it and your blood sugar goes haywire you can’t eat that. At the same time I can make a donut fit my macros if I wanted to but that is not a whole healthy food. So that my dear friends no matter how you look at is not keto.

So many people think they will start eating keto and restrict all this things and they are going to lose hundreds of pounds. Keto is NOT a weight loss diet, it is an inflammatory reduction diet. It also needs to quit being viewed as a diet. A diet is something you are forcing yourself to do and not a lifestyle choice. Keto is a lifestyle choice as I am choosing what to put in my body. In return my body is slowly going to heal itself. The years of damage I have caused need to heal before they will ever correct themselves. So I have been a little stalled on weight for a while but for once in my life I don’t care. I know my body is healing and I still continue to feel better and better. The more I worry about a number on a scale the more I stress and the less chance of me actually losing anything.

I am choosing to heal my body through food nothing more. So I need to listen to my body’s queues and give it what it is needing. Our bodies will crave certain things when we are deficient in them. One for me is magnesium. I can always tell when my magnesium levels are off because I start craving chocolate like crazy. There are many food cravings that have a correlating mineral that you may be lacking. Take some time and learn about them. I also am working on becoming more intuitive with my eating, chances are if I am wanting a sweet potato there is something in that sweet potato that I need. So rather than avoid that I will have a small amount. My ideal carb range may be able to be a little higher than others. Insulin resistant individuals may find the exact opposite to be true.

After being mostly carnivore for the last few months I decided I wanted to add some veggies back in. What did I learn some small veggies are ok, specifically pickles and avocado. I ate a couple full fledge salads and I felt absolutely miserable for a few days. So I am learning less veg for me is key. I can also tell based on my cravings if I need more fat intake. If I start craving major sweets I know I need more fat for that day. I have also became aware that my coffee obsession was going over board so I am actively cutting back my caffeine intake. So far so good just feeling a little more tired in the afternoons than usual but I know that will pass.

You really have to spend some time dialing into listening to your body and do what your body needs. The more you restrict and the more you cut the more stress you put your body under. If you body is in a constant state of stress your body will never heal and you will never see the results or health outcomes you want to. I highly recommend start making a journal and record how you feel after you eat specie things, what you crave and when, anything your body is trying to tell you write it down. Then research and see what it may be telling you, or even share with your doctor and they may have some additional input for you.

What you eat is only a super small piece of the puzzle, but a very integral part of it at the same time. Proper nutrition will heal you if you listen to it. You also need movement in your life. No you don’t need a CrossFit membership, but as little as 10 minutes walking everyday is better than being sedentary. Take control of your health and become the better you. Until Next Time….What’s Your Confession?


Monday Madness (publication #19)

Happy Monday fellow readers and welcome to another publication of Monday Madness. No major madness in the works this week, and I am actually excited as I have a short week this week as far as my normal job goes. So I will have a few busy days followed by a long weekend with more work but it is the work I enjoy. I don’t have any major party plans for the 4th of July holiday, but I do plan to relax and enjoy de-stressing as much as possible.

So last week I attempted my first longer duration fast. The goal was to reach 72 hours (3 days). I was really focused and thought it would be a walk in the park. Well it was not! I ended up making it 48 hours and then I chose to stop and have some food. I just felt off and that I wasn’t in a good head space to continue on. I was consuming my water and my electrolytes but I was not experiencing the boosts of energy that everyone else in the fasting challenge. While I am disappointed that I didn’t make it, I am proud of what I did accomplish. I will attempt a longer fast again at some point and while I may not make it 72 hours anytime soon I am more confident in my abilities. I don’t know if I lost any weight as that was not the point of doing the challenge.

I had an amazing day fishing at the lake with my husband and both my daughters this weekend. We really didn’t catch much but the time together was priceless. I have always found peace when I am near the water. So if anything it is one day I had that my stress was not through the roof and I got a chance to forget about all my problems. I also got some much needed grounding and vitamin D from the source. I hope I have opportunities in the future to have more days like this.

I also learned last week that I am spending way too much time obsessing how to perfect my keto/carnivore lifestyle. I need to stop that and just get back to what I know and what was working for me. I think I do better with stability and less experimentation. I’m not saying I won’t be partaking in future experiments, all I am in saying is I need to step back a little and focus on what works for me and make it happen. I am 1/2 way through 2019 and now it is time to focus and make the most of the next 6 months.

I plan on also upping my research on the APOE 4 gene. I have this gene and I am learning what impacts it has on my cholesterol as well as looking into the impact that gene can have on an individual developing Alzheimer. These are both things that are important to me on my path of achieving better mental health. I really want to figure out how to improve that even more so than dropping the weight I have left to remove. In my opinion the better my mental health becomes the quicker my weight removal will resolve itself.

I am hoping to bring you more topics this week as I am actually on top of my game and feel that I can give you the content you need this week. I don’t have any crazy experiments in line for this week. Just focusing on me and enjoying life. Until next time…What’s Your Confession?

My Go To Keto Meal

Happy Thursday fellow readers! The week has sailed by with only a few bumps along the way. Today I want to talk to you about my go to keto meal.

When you embark on your keto journey there are tons and tons of recipes, recipe blogs, cook books and so much more. In all honesty it can be overwhelming. I spent weeks flipping through books before I ever bought a recipe book. If I am going to invest in a cookbook I want two things: 1) Recipes that I will eat. 2)Recipes that are simple. I love to cook but I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen to feed me or my family.

I also don’t see the point of trying to put together a recipe that has an ingredient list a mile long, or ingredients that I have to google to figure out. Keto is supposed to be simple and whole foods, not complicated chaos. So what is my favorite meal? Steak…sweet and simple!

I can easily make a steak topped with some butter and mushrooms, and bacon wrapped asparagus every single night and be content. I can cook the steak different ways to mix it up and I can even saute the asparagus with bacon if I don’t want to wrap it. I can get a great macro base from this meal and I walk away satiated and happy. I have learned how to grill, pan sear, bake and reverse steaks in the past year and they each have a unique flavor depending on the preparation and the cut of meat. I prefer ribeye as it has a near perfect ration of protein to fat, but I usually acquire whatever is on sale. So my favorite meal is simple, east to prepare, and keeps me full. That in my mind is the perfect keto meal.

Now with that being said there are recipes that are more complicated that I enjoy out there, but I try to keep it simple at all cost. I use to need variety and now I’m okay with the same thing day in and day out. I have learned what makes my body happy and I give it what it wants. Just remember you don’t need fancy ingredients and complicated recipes to be Keto, you just need real whole food and some basics. Until Next Time….Keep Ketoing On!

Adapt TN Low Carb Keto Event Review

So my husband and I took a little road trip yesterday from Chattanooga to the town of Murfreesboro, TN to attend our first , and hopefully not last, Adapt TN Low Carb Keto Living in The 21st Century Event. Let me tell you I was beyond excited to meet some people that I have followed on my journey and at the same time use what I would learn at the event to share with the world. All in all it was a great event with great people and super informative. So I hope to be able to go to more events like this in the future and if I ever found enough local interest here in Chattanooga I would love to do something like this in my town.

First and foremost there was such a mixture of ages and people there, many of us have already began or where on our Keto journey, but not everyone. There were many there wanting to learn and be informed on this lifestyle. Yes I said lifestyle, many people say the Keto diet, and when I started my journey in May 2018 that is what I would have said too, well I was wrong it is so much more than a diet and for me it has became the way I choose to eat every day. It is my lifestyle and way of eating now, and I have no plans of ever changing that. I choose now instead to have the opportunity to educate and learn even more. Even if one person can find what my journey has been like useful then I feel like I have made a difference.

The event was composed of three main speakers, all of which I have followed and read books and research from for the past 8 months. First was the co-founder of the company Adapt Your Life Dr. Eric Westman, second was Dr. Ken Berry, and third was Neisha Salas-Berry, R,N. Let me tell you these three people while each different in there own way make Keto easy to understand. They are some of the most down to earth people I have ever met, and when you hear them speak you can hear the passion in there voices and how much they believe in the benefits of a Ketogenic lifestyle. I highly recommend you follow all three of them on social media, and also check into Dr.Westman’s books; one of my favorites being one he co-authored with Jimmy Moore called Keto Clarity. Anyone even interested in Keto should check out that book, so much useful beginner information and Dr.Westman provides the science to back up the logic!

In addition to these great speakers they also had individuals who shared their success stories with their Keto journeys so far. One of my favorite success stories was that of a women named Robyn Davis. She has her own facebook group Keto For Life with Robyn Davis. This young women only spoke for a few moments and gave an very powerful and impactful summary of he struggles before Keto and how Keto changed her life. She has been Keto for 4 years now and you can just see how well it fits her. I wanted to cheer for her through her whole story it moved me in ways my words will never be able to explain here.

They also had a few Keto cookbook authors there for your o purchase their books, meet them and ask them questions as well. I think these ladies: Caitlin Weeks “Mediterranean Paleo”, Jessica Dukes ” The Dairy Free Keto Diet Cookbook”, and Natasha Newton “Southern Keto”, make a huge impact in the Keto community. So many people see Keto as a restriction diet. Their cookbooks give individuals a chance to see that you can still have foods you love just tweaked a little to make them better.

So all this greatness rolled into one package with around 300 participants all interstellar in something you love made for an amazing day. So now I want to take a minute to two and talk about the most important things I walked away from the event with because in my opinion these things can make the biggest difference in rather or not someone decides to take a step toward Keto.

The #1 thing that was brought up yesterday that I preach to anyone I talk to already, and was re-confirmed by Neisha Salas-Berry R.N., was Keto is NOT one size fits all. Keto will work for almost everyone, but not everyone will be successful the same way! There are drastic differences between my husband and I. I do not eat nearly as much as he does and he does better with a more balanced ration of eating. I on the other hand fair better with a little more fat and less protein. It took us months to figure out what foods worked for us and in what proportions. It doesn’t matter what type of Keto works for you, what matters is that you give it 100% and are willing to tweak and change if necessary. Just because your friend can eat all the cheese they want doesn’t mean you can. All of our bodies are different; therefor, Keto does NOT have a one size fits all option.

Number 2 came from Dr.Ken Berry. You need to make sure you have a healthcare professional in your life that is open minded to Keto and wants to focus on healing you and not just throwing a pill at everything. While Keto is starting to trend and more and more doctors are opening their minds to it there are and probably always doctors out there that will disagree. So he put it in the perspective of it’s your health and your body. Talk to you doctor and if they won’t listen or budge on their ways then find a new one. Yes, you may have to drive a distance but it’s your health and you life so you may have to do what is necessary. I am very fortunate to have a doctor that supports me, but if I didn’t I would change in a heart beat and it wouldn’t be the first time I would drive more than an hour for good health care.

Dr. Eric Westman talked a lot about something that I also think is super important. How do you know when you need a doctor’s help? Anyone can ask for a doctors help, but there are certain people that will need medically guided supervision to take on a Ketogenic lifestyle. Individuals with type 1 diabetes, people with BMI’s over 50, individuals with metabolic disorders, etc. These individuals will need a doctors guidance and support to be successful. Not just for reasons of knowing what to eat and not to eat, but also so they have support in someone that has their best interest at heart. Dr. Westman is also actively growing clinics and care that align with a Ketogenic lifestyle which is so important to so many. No one should have to struggle to get the care they need and he is trying to minimize this problem.

All three have the ultimate take away though and all three spoke of this. KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! Steak, eggs, bacon, and green veggies. Don’t over complicate things when your just starting. You don’t need almond flour, coconut flour, and ten things you can’t even pronounce. You need protein, some good butter, and some simple veg. Don’t complicate it in the beginning. If you want to branch out and try other Keto things later then do it, but start simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!!! Just whole good foods in and I promise in a few weeks you will start to see how your body starts to heal and how amazing you feel. You tell me how a 61 year old women who was on 14 prescription medications, two different inhalers, and 80 units of insulin, starts eating Keto and 8 months later doesn’t need any of that anymore. Well she exists she spoke about it yesterday and I’ll tell you what if that isn’t proof and motivation that this works then I don’t know what is!

One last thing a special thank you to Liza Becker @adapt.liza for her gracious heart and support in ensuring my husband and I made it to this event!

Until my next event….keep on Ketoing on!