Health First

Happy Tuesday all. I hope you are having a great week. It is a blazing hot one here in Chattanooga but its absolutely gorgeous! Today I want to talk about the importance of health.

So when it comes to health we can think of hundreds of different things. I want to specifically discuss the importance of health associated with diet. First off, disclaimer, I am not a medical professional and I am not offering any medical advice. The following content is of my own opinion and own experiences/beliefs nothing more.

In no way, shape or form will a singular diet work for health improvement for every single person. We are all so different from one another biologically speaking that just because something works for me does not mean it will work for you. A great example is that some people are allergic to eggs and can’t consume them. I can consume them just fine. That is because we are different. That is also the reason why there are so many different versions and methods of doing Keto or any other lifestyle diet. A great example of this is that my husband and I both started keto together; however, if I would have ate what he was eating it is highly unlikely I would have had the results I have had. In reverse had he ate what I ate he would have failed because it would have left him feeling hungry.

I hear so many people say you can’t do that it’s not keto. Well who are you the keto police? You can eat anything you want on a keto diet as long as you are eating whole and healthy foods. If you are avoiding grains, sugars, and processed junk you are well on your way to a keto diet. There are optimal keto foods but that doesn’t mean you can’t have something not on the list. For example if you can fit a small portion of sweet potato into your macros and you feel fine eating the sweet potato and it doesn’t spike your blood sugar then you can have it. Now if you can’t control the portion or if you eat it and your blood sugar goes haywire you can’t eat that. At the same time I can make a donut fit my macros if I wanted to but that is not a whole healthy food. So that my dear friends no matter how you look at is not keto.

So many people think they will start eating keto and restrict all this things and they are going to lose hundreds of pounds. Keto is NOT a weight loss diet, it is an inflammatory reduction diet. It also needs to quit being viewed as a diet. A diet is something you are forcing yourself to do and not a lifestyle choice. Keto is a lifestyle choice as I am choosing what to put in my body. In return my body is slowly going to heal itself. The years of damage I have caused need to heal before they will ever correct themselves. So I have been a little stalled on weight for a while but for once in my life I don’t care. I know my body is healing and I still continue to feel better and better. The more I worry about a number on a scale the more I stress and the less chance of me actually losing anything.

I am choosing to heal my body through food nothing more. So I need to listen to my body’s queues and give it what it is needing. Our bodies will crave certain things when we are deficient in them. One for me is magnesium. I can always tell when my magnesium levels are off because I start craving chocolate like crazy. There are many food cravings that have a correlating mineral that you may be lacking. Take some time and learn about them. I also am working on becoming more intuitive with my eating, chances are if I am wanting a sweet potato there is something in that sweet potato that I need. So rather than avoid that I will have a small amount. My ideal carb range may be able to be a little higher than others. Insulin resistant individuals may find the exact opposite to be true.

After being mostly carnivore for the last few months I decided I wanted to add some veggies back in. What did I learn some small veggies are ok, specifically pickles and avocado. I ate a couple full fledge salads and I felt absolutely miserable for a few days. So I am learning less veg for me is key. I can also tell based on my cravings if I need more fat intake. If I start craving major sweets I know I need more fat for that day. I have also became aware that my coffee obsession was going over board so I am actively cutting back my caffeine intake. So far so good just feeling a little more tired in the afternoons than usual but I know that will pass.

You really have to spend some time dialing into listening to your body and do what your body needs. The more you restrict and the more you cut the more stress you put your body under. If you body is in a constant state of stress your body will never heal and you will never see the results or health outcomes you want to. I highly recommend start making a journal and record how you feel after you eat specie things, what you crave and when, anything your body is trying to tell you write it down. Then research and see what it may be telling you, or even share with your doctor and they may have some additional input for you.

What you eat is only a super small piece of the puzzle, but a very integral part of it at the same time. Proper nutrition will heal you if you listen to it. You also need movement in your life. No you don’t need a CrossFit membership, but as little as 10 minutes walking everyday is better than being sedentary. Take control of your health and become the better you. Until Next Time….What’s Your Confession?


How to Hang In There

Welcome, welcome come on in and enjoy this Thursday with me! I hope you are all having an amazing day and enjoying your life to your fullest. If you not take pause and re-focus yourself on your best you. You are amazing and your life is awesome! Today I want to talk about how you keep going with a goal when you think and/or feel that everyone else is being successful and you seem to be failing.

First and foremost you are not failing if you are trying! You may have not found your clear path or your way to succeed but you are far from failing. You only begin to fail when you give up. You have to work hard for anything worth getting in life. It was all handed over to us we would all be millionaires and super successful. You have to have drive and want to get there. For some that will happen way sooner than others.

It only takes one epic event to change everything. That event can be one action you have taken, a person you met, or an action you completed. All it takes is to get the attention of the right person or the right group of people and you can fill your sails with wind and fly. I honestly believe that with everything. Rather we are talking of personal success, business success, or some other form a success if you pave your way and you keep fueling it eventually you will have enough fuel to fly.

I read tons of information every day by individuals that I look up to and admire. Many of them have been way more successful in every aspect of their lives compared to me. The difference is I am just starting my journey and I don’t have much wind in my sails. I am not giving up though and every single day I keep gaining more and more wind and reaching more and more people. I am sharing my growth with you as I go. I share my successes and my failures because they are both very real. I am very much so defining me and my brand, and you get the privilege of seeing those sails fill up, and I am 100% positive that I will fly when I am ready and my time comes.

Does all this mean that since my time is not yet I should just give up? Absolutely NOT! My time will never come if I give up. Not only that but I am happy with where I am at and how I am growing on a daily basis. I am proud of my determination and happy with the people I am reaching. I AM HAPPY! That is what makes all the difference. If you are miserable in trying to reach your goal then maybe you need to rethink your goal. I could write every single day of my life and know that absolutely no one read my material and I would still be happy. How is that possible you ask? Because my happy place is when my mind is free to write and put my thoughts and emotion into print. While I hope individuals read it and find something in it and enjoy it, I did this as much for myself as I do for others.

Instead of dwelling on the failures you need to align yourself to figure out what factor needs to change to start succeeding. If you are trying to remove weight and you all of a sudden stall out do you just give up? No you sit down and see what you need to adjust to continue on the path forward. If you washing machine blows up do you just give up and start wearing dirty clothes, or do you sit down and come up with a game plan too fix it or replace it? There are always two options, one leads to permanent failure and the other eventually will lead you to success. Just because someone else figured out a quicker path to that success doesn’t mean you can’t do it too. You have to start doing things and living for yourself instead of others.

Now with that being said there is nothing wrong with having people in your life that inspire you. Just make sure though that you have them there for inspiration and not for motivation through envy. Surround yourself with positivity and all that it can bring you. Jealousy will chew you up, spit you out, and chew you again if you allow it. Instead of seeing someone as having more than you look at them from a different angle. Look at what they do in their life that drives them.Learn from them and let them inspire you and guide you. If you find yourself constantly envying that person then you need to move on and remove that person from your life because you are just hurting yourself.

You can do anything you want to you just have to really I mean really put your mind to it and you can’t be afraid that you will fail. Become the best you you can be and enjoy life to it’s fullest. You will notice that once you find your own happiness more and more things will fall into place for you. I believe in you and you should believe in you even more. Until next time …. What’s Your Confession?

Yes You Can!

Happy Thursday fellow readers! So I have seen a lot of talk in the last few weeks about individuals saying your are doing great, but I can’t do that. I am hearing an abundance of can’t instead of yes. I use to be in that same group, but not anymore so I wanted a chance to talk to you about changing your outlook on things.

First, how do you know you can’t? Do you really have a legitimate reason to say you can’t or are you saying that because someone else put that in your head. Very few people actually have a legitimate reason to utter the word I can’t. The real and honest truth is your being reserved and you won’t. Something or someone is holding you back and it saddens me to think you are living that way. You need to take control of your life and instead of saying can’t how about saying I will try, and then progress even further and say I WILL DO IT!

Believe me when I tell you I was a leader of the I can’t club at one point in my life. I felt that everything I enjoyed I couldn’t do because I didn’t know how to do it or I didn’t know how to fit it into my life. I can’t sell a painting because who would buy it? I can’t write a blog who would read it? I can’t write a book! I can’t inspire others! All of these went in circles in my head constantly. All of these things are things that I believe in and things I have a passion for, but I was letting my worry of others opinions get in way of my happiness. I was letting people that I don’t even know weigh me down and keep me from my creativity and my passions.

So what changed? I woke up one day and realized I had so much negativity in my life that there was no way I could live my own life and ever be happy. So a day at a time I started looking for positivity and over the past few years of my life I have found some great people that inspire me to be me and chase after what I want. I now have the blog I have always wanted. I have put my paintings out there for the world to see and purchase. I have started a book. I have started taking steps to do what I love and teach what I believe in to inspire others. Am I making millions and rich from all of this, to be honest I haven’t made a dime, but I am so happy with what I am doing! I love sharing me with anyone and everyone. I enjoy being a positive step in the right direction for myself. I enjoy the simple things in life all thanks to the smallest changes. I’m thankful to be alive and be happy.

To tell yourself you can’t is plain and simple bullshit! I’m sorry for my language but that it how I feel about it. I will never tell myself that I can’t again. I may try and fail, and I may discover thing that are not for me but I will never not try! I can do what I want because I believe in me and who I am and what I want. If someone else doesn’t believe in me then I won’t let them be a part of my life. I refuse to allow negativity in, and when it tries to creep in anyway I take time to refocus and restart, because I don’t want to carry that with me.

Start small if you have to, but promise yourself your start trying and saying I will and eliminate the I can’t from your life. A great rule of thumb is eliminate the word from your vocabulary completely. If you really have to say no to something don’t say I can’t do that, instead try saying not today but how about next week. Then you didn’t say you couldn’t you just made it clear it didn’t work in your life at the moment but you also committed to doing it in the near future. That doesn’t mean keep putting it off either, remember we are never promised a tomorrow!

I can, YOU CAN, we all can! Remember that and remind yourself that every single day, and until next time…..Keep Ketoing On!

Binge Eating

Happy Tuesday fellow readers. I hope everyone is making the most of their week. I wanted to talk today about something that has effected me for many years of my life, and I still struggle with today, binge eating. Binge eating is something that can take a huge toll on the person suffering through it and there are also many levels of what binge eating can be, not all binging is the same.

First off I have to state in advance that any information shared in this blog is solely of my opinion. I am not a medical doctor and I am not offering any medical advice. I highly suggest that if you feel you are suffering from any type of binge disorder you speak with your medical doctor or a trained psychologist/therapist.

According to binge has the following definition:
(noun) a period or bout, usually brief, of excessive indulgence, as in eating, drinking alcoholic beverages,etc.; spree. In that definition alone you can see the variance of what a binge can be. It is often even used in common day slang as referring to watching an entire TV season in one sitting. Many forms of binging often are harmful to one’s mental and physical health. Often times individuals who partake in binge eating also become bulimic, and have to purge the food they binged. I am very blessed to not have that severe of a form of binge eating, and I will not be talking about that here in detail as I don’t have experience or knowledge in that.

My problem with binge eating is quite simple, yet very difficult to overcome. My binge eating consists of eating and eating, usually a specific food, until I am literally nausea’s from eating it. Then I feel horrible and spiral into a depressive cycle trying to correct my previous actions usually by sever dieting as a punishment. In the past my binges were solely junk food driven. If it was a cookie, a cake, a lunch treat, etc I would find a way to sneak it, and one was never enough. There are days that I can say I consumed around 5-6 little debbie’s (snack cakes) on top of all my other snacks and food. It was my guilty pleasure and I hid it from everyone. A trigger for me to set off on a binge is strictly emotionally stress driven. One bad thing could happen in my life and I would spiral into the darkness and in turn I would punish my body. Then after I punished it I would turn around and not eat for a day or maybe 2 or if I did eat I would limit my calories. It was a never ending cycle for me at least until I found proper support and keto.

Ironically enough keto saved me from the junk food binges, but not binges in their entirety. My husband stood by my side and I went through 7-10 days of pure hell. Sugar withdrawal is one of the worst things I have ever been through in my life. I was mentally drained, physically sick, migraines for days, and at one point I was sure I was going to fail. Then day after day it got easier to tolerate and within 2 weeks no more withdrawal, but cravings took months to kick. Keto forced me to be accountable and track what I was eating and because my husband was on my journey with me we shared that tracking. So I was less prone to binge, but I did have the urges. After about three months into my journey the urges became stronger and I found myself reverting to my old binge ways. The difference now was it wasn’t sugar it was whole foods but in a quantity that no human needs to consume in one day, let alone one who is trying to lose weight and better her health.

To this day even though my health has improved, I’ve lost 75 pounds, and my mental health is improving I still struggle. I just recently had to deal with some things with my ex-husband and the stress overload triggered past memories and events and led me to go onto a two day binge where all I did was eat anything and everything I could sneak. All of it was keto friendly and I am still sugar free, but the quantity that I ate was not healthy and I knew I was eating past the point of being full. Then I turned around and punished myself with an extended fast. I fast often but this fast was for all the wrong reasons.

As you can see it is a constant struggle for me and I know it more than likely always will be. The difference is I can admit that I have a problem, and I know what triggers that problem. I still need to work on how to prevent that trigger from taking control. Keto is leading me in all the right directions, but support is also key. Sometimes having that person that understands and can tell you no makes a huge difference.

I encourage those who have binging issues no matter how big they are to reach out and talk to someone. Find the support you need and don’t be afraid to share. Also reach out to the national eating disorder association they have great resources and helplines. The first step to getting any help is admitting you have a problem. Until next time….Keep Ketoing On!

I’m Not Losing Weight!

Stupid Scale!

Happy Wednesday fellow readers! I hope everyone has had a great week so far, and you continue marching through your week with your head held high and the positivity flowing. Today I wanted to discuss something I hear all the time. So many people get stuck on the fact that a box on the floor is giving you a number and that number is not changing.

First and foremost Keto is NOT a weight loss diet! Keto is a low carb, high fat diet that reduces inflammation. A side effect for many people who do Keto is weight loss. That is not the case for every single person that follow the ketogenic lifestyle and that side effect is different for every single person. There are numerous medical conditions and environmental factors that will heavily influence how fast weight will drop if it drops at all. On the other side of it if you are already at your ideal body weight Keto isn’t going to make you shrink away to nothing, but it is going to help tone up and give you a ton of other benefits.

Secondly, the scale is the cruelest pieces of equipment you can ever own. It lies! I have seen that scale tell me for weeks I have lost no weight or maybe even gained a little….here is the problem with that. You are possibly losing inches or building muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so you can lose five pounds of fat and still gain weight because you put on 7 pounds of muscle, which means the scale is going to say you gained 2 pounds. It is so important while on your journey to take pictures and do measurements! Those pictures and those measurements will show you more progress than that scale ever will.

Third, are you tracking what your eating and are you being honest with what you are eating? Start looking at everything your putting in your body. Decide if it is the best choice for you or if you think it is negatively influencing your progress. If you have to do a few days of an elimination diet. For example if you go one whole week with no heavy whipping cream and you feel better and your inflammation is reduced and all of sudden the scale dropped a pound, you may need to consider eliminating heavy whipping cream from your diet. Ask yourself if your eating whole foods that are healthy or foods that have ingredient lists that are a mile long. Are you counting net carbs or total carbs? Spend a few days tracking everything you eat and drink and when you do it and then start dissecting it to see where you could improve.

Fourth, you are 100% positive that you are doing everything right and your not seeing results. Talk to your health care provider! You may have some underlying issue that is hindering your progress. There are certain medical diagnosis and certain medications that can make your body fight weight loss. Now if you are not overweight and the scale is not moving and your doing everything right…..maybe you don’t need to lose the weight and your body is telling you I’m good right where I am at!

Fifth, no matter what the circumstance is for your weight not dropping do NOT let it frustrate you. You didn’t gain it in a day your not going to lose it in a day. STOP comparing your losses to others, your body is yours and can not be compared to anyone else. Keto in time will help you reach your bodies ideal weight, but it needs time to heal the damage that is already there. I promise outside of a side effect of weight loss Keto will bring far better benefits to your life. Energy, mental clarity, better focus, reduction in medication, and an overall community that will love and support you on your journey. Don’t let a useless box that gives you a random number control you and keep you from all the benefits, and until next time Keep Ketoing On!

Support your Community

Good Afternoon fellow readers! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday. I wanted to take a few minutes today and share with you what has been on my mind a lot the last couple weeks. I want to talk to you about the importance of supporting your community and sharing our positive outlook to others who are joining our community.

There has been a huge wave of negativity towards the Keto community from media, doctors, and others for quite sometime. Now in addition to these challenges I have started to see a lot of people spreading their message and in turn putting done other Keto supporters messages. It is very obvious that Keto is tailor-able to anyone. The great thing about Keto is that just like with any other lifestyle choice it works for who it works for. We are each bio individuals which means my Keto will not work for my husband and vice-a-versa. If I ate what my husband ate in a day I would gain weight. If he ate what I ate he would be hungry. I am more carb sensitive than he is. We each follow Keto but in the way works for each of us. We support and love each other no matter what!

We as supporters of the Keto diet need to ban together as a community and guide individuals to meet their goals. We do not all have to agree that the way we are doing Keto is right or wrong, all we have to do is agree that we are all working toward the same goal. Healthy bodies and healthy weights achieved through a low carb high fat lifestyle….plain and simple!

There have been numerous individuals that I follow and have guided me on my journey, but I do not do exactly what they do. That is because I have learned to listen to my body and I know what it can tolerate and what it can’t. Those individuals still inspire me though and I would recommend them in a heart beat!

All of us in the Keto community need to support one another and guide those who need it. For me this journey and this lifestyle that has turned around everything for me and how I see it, and if I can change one persons life by steering them toward Keto I will do it, but I will not bad mouth a fellow Keto supporter along the way. As an individual you can make an impact but as a community we can move mountains, so we all need to come together and work together and make Keto great! Until next time Keep Ketoing On!

Respecting Choices

Hello fellow readers, I hope everyone has been having an amazing week. I’ve been super busy as usual prepping for a little weekend travel, and just being a mom. As you can imagine I don’t have much time for an off button or a break. Yesterdays social media collapse was actually a nice break from all the hustle and bustle, but glad to see it all back up and going today.

I wanted to touch base today on the importance of respecting someone’s choices. I am not afraid to say I support a Ketogenic lifestyle and I choose to make that my lifestyle for the rest of my life. I am also not afraid to admit that I have been doing a test run of the carnivore diet for the past 6 weeks as of today and have had great results from it. These are two things that I have found immense passion in and want to share with the world. Here is the thing though Ketogenic has many different levels and forms and so doesn’t carnivore. There are super strict versions and there are lazier versions. Each individual has a way that works best for them and their body. There are also people that do not follow either of these lifestyles, and that doesn’t mean they are wrong either.

I have to remind myself this because I get very upset when I hear certain things people are doing to try to lose weight or better their health but are failing and can’t seem to see the big picture of why they are failing. There is so many people concerned and scared because of the media and what their doctors tell them. I was scared at first too, but once I started seeing results mentally, physically and within my health care I became a believer. It also helped I had the support of my doctor in what I was trying.

Sometimes I even find myself getting upset when people who follow Keto do something I feel is not correct. I feel that way because it is not how I have success. Guess what? They are not wrong if its working for them. It is so important that we give encouragement to all in this community and feel free to share your ideas, but never tell them they are doing wrong! I choose to do what works for me and gets me the best results! You have to have faith that they are also doing the same thing. You never know what health conditions, genetic conditions, or other issues are in the way of their journey.

I do have an extreme passion for what I am doing and I want to share that passion with anyone and everyone that wants to take it in. I want others encouraged to reach out to me and we can talk about what is working for them and what they may be able to switch up to see more success. We are all human and we are all going to make mistake at time, we just need to learn to love and support one another. Any journey to a new lifestyle is not easy and one person giving discouragement can de-rail that in a heart beat. Take time to actually care and support each other. Until next time Keep Ketoing On!