Good Morning fellow readers! Welcome to another installment of Monday Madness, and as usual its shaping up to be a crazy one! This Monday is a rough one! Trying to recover from some weekend traveling and dealing with allergies all at the same time. So I plan on taking things at an easy pace today, I guess that means no conquering the world today, but tomorrow….maybe.

Last week I spent a lot of time reading on Keto and carnivore. I decided I needed to see what others that share my passion are focusing on and the things going on outside these communities to be able to bring to you better blog material. Sadly, there is a lot of controversy right now around Keto and how it is a “Fad” diet. So in turn there have been many articles making appearances about many health claims that are negative if you eat the ketogenic lifestyle. All I can say in a high level summary is that not a single one of those articles have happened to me in 10 1/2 months of eating this way. My advice to you is to make sure you are reading articles and checking to see if there is credibility behind them. Where did it come from? Who wrote it? Is there a study to prove what they are saying? Just because you read it doesn’t mean it’s true.

I decided to take a little mini vacation this weekend and hang with some extended family. So I pretty much wasn’t on social media most of the weekend and took a break from life. It was 100% worth it and I needed it so much. My stress levels have been quite high and this helped bring everything into check for me and clear my head. It was hard to say good bye and come back home, but adulting seems to be mandatory to pay the bills.

Did I manage to stay carnivore on my mini vacay? Absolutely! I did stray a tiny bit and enjoy a couple glasses of wine, but other than that we made our eating preference work for us. We even had some amazing smoked ribs, pork loin, and chicken legs. Definitely will be starting to save up for a smoker of our own. Did the wine make me feel bad? No it did not. I only had a few servings and I drank plenty of water along with it. I did notice though that by drinking the wine it did increase my craving for wanting something sweet. Today I will be hydrating and doing an extended fast, with some good fats and proteins for dinner tonight.

This week will be filled with more research and I will also be looking into deciding if I want to track macros or not again. I am starting to think my protein to fat ration may not be at it’s optimal for me and that is why I am not seeing any major changes in my weight. I have notice more toning in my body and I’ve also started to look into weights (which terrify me).

If anyone has any topics they would like to see in my blog, please reach out and I will see about covering your topic. I hope everyone has an amazing week! Until next time Keep Ketoing On!